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Profile Overview

Hrishikyvan sh'Pavn

Andorian Shaan (Male equivalent)

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Kyvan


Hrishikyvan sh'Pavn



Though fiery in his methodology, Kyvan has been the voice of reason behind numerous captains and commanders. With a mind like a spreadsheet, and a duranium will behind it, he’s hoping to bring some much desired experience to his new role.


Hrishikyvan sh’Pavn, known as Kyvan, was born on Andor in 2341. A child of two Starfleet officers, a mechanic, and a pilot, he was destined to head for the stars. He was young, inquisitive, and always asking more questions. It pleased his parents to no end to answer every single one, and then show him how to find his own answers. However, after the loss of two parents in the Cardassian War, the questions became heavier. Why did the Federation leave their colonies undefended? Why was Starfleet misusing their resources?

Even as a youngster, Kyvan would spot problems and attempt to fix them. Mechanical, scholastic, social…every problem was an opportunity waiting. He carried that attitude into the Academy, where he quickly showed an aptitude for operations and logistics. Despite going to the Academy alongside superstars, Kyvan preferred to keep a low profile, focusing on the quality of his work, and not concerning himself with the burdens of command.

He spent the first years of his career as a quartermaster, managing the supplies and logistics for several larger ships in the fleet. It was here where his expertise really developed. Each item under his care was meticulously maintained, and he offered his talents to the armory team, completely revamping how they inventoried and maintained weapons caches. While serving on the Hood, he even wrote a research paper on the subject, garnering the attention of the Lansing’s CO, who brought him on as his Chief Operations Officer.

It was here that Kyvan faltered. He was good with numbers, material, and systems. People were a different matter. While he was an efficient department chief, he wasn’t the most well-liked. His solutions were effective, but failed to garner the widespread support of his crew…until his absence was felt, of course. He also developed the persona of a hard-ass, a strict taskmaster who despised failure. It suited him just fine.

When the Dominion War sparked off, he was recruited to help with fleet-wide logistics, helping to coordinate supply chains throughout the fleet. From his assigned Galaxy wing, he was able to see the full spectrum of the war. Instead of quietly complaining about the supply lines he had to work with, he began designing them. And then, the ships he was assigned to defended them. The Dominion proved to be worthy adversaries, and staying one step ahead of them became an addicting challenge. Thanks to his work, his wing was one of the most effective escorts of the war, allowing critical supplies to reach the front lines.

Post-war, he was immediately recruited by the Fifth Fleet to help with the rebuilding and resupply of critical colonies, work that he loved. He spent many years there, doing good work for little reward. However, as tensions mount with the Gorn, Task Force 93 realized that they needed experienced officers to fill critical gaps. And so, his personnel file came across the desk of Admiral Banda…

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2359 - 2360 General Studies Cadet Starfleet Academy
2360 - 2361 Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
2361 - 2362 Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
2362 - 2363 Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
2363 - 2365 Assistant Quartermaster USS Calvary
2365 - 2368 Quartermaster USS Hood
2368 - 2373 Chief Operations Officer USS Lansing
2373 - 2375 Director of Logistics (N4) Galaxy Wing 9-2
2375 - 2384 Deputy Director of Logistics (N4) Task Force 42, Fifth Fleet
2384 - 2389 Director of Logistics (N4) Task Force 42, Fifth Fleet
2389 - Present Director of Logistics (N4) Task Force 93, Bravo Fleet