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Profile Overview

Rick Breckenridge

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Breckenridge


USS Louisville


Richard Allen Breckenridge Jr.


Played By

Meila (ID: )


Born May 6, 2354 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the son of Rachel and Richard “Ricky” Breckenridge Sr. Three siblings: younger brother brother Daniel, a Starfleet chief petty officer; older sister Erin, a psychiatrist; and younger sister April, a chef. Married to Amy, an accountant. Two kids, Richard III “Trey” and Adrienne. Entered Starfleet Academy in 2372, graduted in 2376. Served as a cadet aboard USS Vancouver during the Dominion War. Was a member of the re-established Red Squad. Known to consume mass amounts of coffee and has a soft spot for French toast. Enjoys cooking, reading, and Klingon opera. Strengths: Confident, decisive. Weaknesses: Suffers from PTSD as a result of wartime service, known to be a bit eccentric.