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Jonis Shakaar

Bajoran Male

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Jonis Shakaar



Heavy Weapons Specialist for tango team


Shakaar’s childhood was considered typical for Bajorans growing up during the conflict. Hard emphasis at home was on joining the resistance and helping in any way they could. Which meant that children helped put together packages for front-line resistance members and teens delivered messages to resistance cells. Adults were expected to fight anywhere they were needed. To Shakaar, there seemed to be a family trait for fighting and surviving, because both his mother and father were highly decorated within the resistance and his brother, Kosu, seemed to like being on the front-lines. Shakaar, being a teen during the Dominion War, ran messages to cells all over the area in which he lived; he longed to be in the middle in the action with his family.

After the war, orders from resistance HQ were to drop all arms and help Bajor rebuild and that caused a lot of tension at home as a result. Despite that, the family tried helping in the only way they could. His Mother became a farmer while his Father and Brother turned to construction work. But Shakaar’s thirst for combat and to prove himself had been drilled into him and now, to be asked to abandon it, was a lot to ask. He took a job in construction alongside his father and brother, helping to rebuild what the Cardassians destroyed, but all the peace made him increasingly irritable and angry to the point where he fought with his parents almost all the time.

One day, his father took Shakaar to a relatively isolated part of the family property and there father and son talked for hours while his father tried to figure out the root of his son’s anger. Once his father recognized the fire that lit the depths of Shakaar’s eyes, he told his son to join Starfleet, the Militia, or anything that involved active combat. Shakaar nodded, said his goodbyes to his family, and joined the Starfleet Marine Corps.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2389 - Present Heavy Weapons Specialist Tango Team
2388 - 2389 Heavy Weapons Specialist Green team