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Profile Overview

Gral Rollok

Tellarite Male

Character Information




On the one hand, Gral is generally calm and collected, with a strongly intellectual side, and an interest in medicine. He is loyal to his team and willing to put himself in harm’s way to help others. On the other hand, he can be over-confident, his reach somewhat exceeding his grasp, and has a tendency to talk too much when he’s nervous or under stress. He is far from shy and some would say that he is too outgoing. He tends to talk more than he should, believes in working hard; he is meticulous, a trait that is reflected in his work.

Gral has been known to have a very rough bedside manner, being direct and holding nothing back to the point where he seems even rude and pompous. Gral will not hold back and will tell you if your dying and how you are dying and show almost no remorse when h


Born in 2364, Gral was raised on the Tellarite homeworld of Tellar with his family and like most Tellarites, strived to work hard. This made it so Gral could never be lazy; he was always doing something. His Father, though strict, was very loving towards him. Gral learned respect from his mother and father and would continue to show respect to all those who was above him in rank and age.

In 2374, Gral and his family were on Betazed when the Dominion invaded his parents who were both starfleet officers were ordered to fight and defend Betazed. Gral was supposed to keep out of sight and keep safe but he followed his parents to the front line without them noticing him. To his horror he was watched as a group of Jem’hadar executed his parents and the other Federation crew. He would then run to a bunker where a group of civilians were hiding. This would be the beginning of his hatred for the Jem’hadar and his drive to join the Marine corp.

He always wanted to improve upon the medical sciences on his world even those things that really didn’t need to be improved upon. Gral would use this motivation as a drive to do well in school and in personal studies. He was known to be fairly exceptional in school and would later be enlisted to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on mars.

Once at the academy he would be run through rigorous training. Target practice, medical practice and science training. After two years he was considered the best recruit that had ever gone through the academy. He would graduate with high honors and be certified as a combat medic. Now a Staff Sergeant, Gral would be recruited by the Starfleet Marine Corp.

What he thought was tough training at the academy was nothing compared to what he had to go through now. Almost no sleep and constantly under high stress made Gral tough to the core, but didn’t affect his nervous talking which many teachers and fellow crew would mention to him. After two more years of what could only be described as hell Gral would be made the combat medic for team 2 where his adventure would really begin.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2383 Trainee Attended Starfleet Technical Services Academy, Mars
2389 - Present Medic Tango Team