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Profile Overview

Missy Killer

El-Aurian Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Killer




A fit female with a very hidden secret


Physical Appearance

Height 6 ‘7

weight 80.8

Hair colour ginger

Eye colour Blue

physical description

Missy has got hair that only reachers her shoulders and keeps it there and may be hostile to others if they ask about her family or past and allways keep her finger nails clean and short


Spouse John Killer Age 754(status unknown)

children Chris age 13 (status unknown)

father Dan HardCastle age _ Status (Unknow)

Mother Tracy HardCastle-Killer AGE_ (Status UNKNOW)

brother none

sister none

other family none

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Missy perfeers to work long shifts and enjoy’s the compeny of her friends She HATES it when she gets asked about her family or Past or last assiment (this she is asked about those things she stays in her room for 12 hours unless on duty or called)

favorite thing to do Read and play Holdeck play’s of her past
favorite Food None
favorite Drink None
favorite Outfit None
Favorite Music Klingon opera

Strengths & Weaknesses

Long Life Span (Speices)
Gets Angry in a fight
Won’t give up



Missy Would even kill all the Adrimals in the fed to see her son agian and kill more people to re-join her timeline

Hobbies & Interests

Missy Enjoys a good book with Klingon opera at 50% Volcume in the background



Personal History


1st Officer and helm On the USS DEATH NX – 99919 in the year 2801 Due to a problem in the time line a time agent Joined the Crew only the captain and 1st officer was only told During Combat the Captain Died and we were disabled the attacking vessel damaged us so much we needed a starbase to fix them we Boarded the attacking ship ship but they got a shoot the whole ship and crew killed only the 1st officer and acting chief of security Survived the Time Agent returned us to his timeline the admiral on starbase 6 putted the acting chief of security on a star ship its Unknow to me I’m looking for a assiment

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2789 - 2793 Cheif flight control U.S.S. Death Nx-99919
2793 - 2795 Cheif flight control cheif security U.S.S. Death nx-99913
2795 - 2799 Chief tactical officer + second officer U.S.S. death nx-99919
2800 - 2801 U.S.S. Death Nx-99919 Acting XO + Cheif flight control
2801 U.S.S. Death Nx-99919 Xo cheif security
2393 - Present cheif security And tactical officer U.S.S. New Hampshire-A