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Profile Overview

Ridge M FastHorse

Human Male

Character Information



Played By

Meila (ID: )


FastHorse is a tall and stocky Native American of the Cheyenne. He is solidly built and athletic. Dark brown eyes and black hair, worn in a short pony tail.

On duty FastHorse is outwardly gruff, taciturn and assertive. He is a solid professional soldier, gives a hundred percent in every task and expects the same from superiors and subordinates. Off duty his is known to be lively, personable and outgoing, positive and self-confident. He is also quietly compassionate and deeply spiritual, tied to his Native American beliefs.


FastHorse is a full blooded Cheyenne. He grew up on Tribal lands in Wyoming USA. A less than keen scholar, he excelled in sports rather than the more academic subjects. He was Quarterback of his High school team and this led to a College Football scholarship. A college trip to play a game on the Moon awakened a passion for space and starships and a late desire to get serious about his education. He took classes in construction and design.

However, after college he drifted around taking various short term jobs on ranches and construction sites. A work-hard and play-hard lifestyle eventually led to some run-ins with law enforcement and after one too many bar-room brawls a sympathetic judge suggested FastHorse find a “more appropriate” outlet for his energies and strongly recommended joining Starfleet or the Marine Corps.

Taking the judge’s advice to heart, a twenty year old FastHorse applied for, and was accepted into the Marine Corps Enlisted program at MCRD San Diego. Back in a controlled and disciplined environment he thrived. After sixteen weeks of Basic, he moved on to Advanced Training at the School off Infantry SFMC Falklands, then on to an Advanced Infantry Training Battalion at FSMC Terra Nova.

Taking a specialism in Amphibious / Ground Assault Vehicle operation, he graduated second in his class, as well as gaining a place on the Corps Football team.

Post-graduation saw him assigned to Gulf Company; 3rd Battalion; 3rd Marine Regiment at Starbase Kennedy Station, responsible for border security operations along the Breen border.

FastHorse rose to Corporal, then applied and was accepted for further training to join Marine Force Recon. Eighteen months of arduous training followed, including Long Range Patrolling; Advanced Long Range Communications; Mobile reconnaissance; Close quarters combat; Urban Environments Combat; Visit, Board, Search, and Seizure (VBSS) and shipboard assaults SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape; HALO Jumps; Combat diving; Special Operations Training School and FORECON training.

Following training he joined a VBSS Team in Delta Company; 2nd Marine Raider Battalion aboard the Carrier USS Kittyhawk. The Carrier was tasked with disrupting Orion Syndicate criminal activities and Delta Company was assigned a number of mission to disrupt an illegal drug manufacturing operations in the Cylgatt System. The Syndicate had production facilities on four lush tropical jungle moons around Cylgatt IV and Delta Company carried out a series of daring raids against them.

When war broke out with the Dominion the 2nd Marine Raider Battalion was quickly transferred to combat operations. With the Dominion entrenched in Cardasian territory the Battalion undertook a number of covert missions behind enemy lines. Some being passive missions, watching and analyzing fleet and supply movements. Others were more active, involving the sabotage and destabilization of Dominion resources.

When the Federation and its allies began to counter attack FastHorse quickly saw action and survived many of the major battles, including the Tyra system; both battles in the Chin’Toka system and the raid on the sensor array in the Angolis Cluster. He was decorated for bravery on three occasions and rose rapidly through the ranks, through his own ability and the high personnel losses sustained during the War, reaching the rank of Gunnery Sergeant.

With the war over FastHorse was selected for Flight school training, receiving a pilots rating for the Arrow Runabout Marine Transport variant, as well as the Mustang Gunship.

Returning to active duty he was promoted to Master Sargent as a Deep Reconnaissance Team Leader in Alpha Company; 1st Special Operations Battalion aboard the Akira Class USS Saipan. The team was tasked with intelligence gathering operations in the Garvarian Corridor.

A promotion followed and FastHorse became Sargent Major 1st Special Operations Battalion at Camp Montezuma Halls. After several years of camp based life FastHorse was becoming bored and applied for Intelligence training, completing a course run by Starfleet Intelligence, which came with a promotion to Warrant Officer..

Eager to get back out into operations, FastHorse was assigned as 2IC Tango Team MSOT

Service History:

2362 – 2363 Private:
Basic Training – MCRD San Diego
School off Infantry – SFMC Falklands
Advanced Infantry Training Battalion – SFMC Terra Nova.

2363 – 2364 Private First Class:
Assault Vehicle Operation training – SFMC Lympstone

2365 – 2371 Lance Corporal / Corporal:
Gulf Rifle Company; 3rd Battalion; 3rd Marine Regiment;
Starbase Kennedy Station

2371 – 2372 Corporal:
SERE, Special Operations Training School;
Marine Force Reconnaissance training – MCSOTS Okinawa

2372 – 2373 Sargent:
VBSS Team; Delta Company; 2nd Marine Raider Battalion
USS Kittyhawk

2273 – 2375 Dominion War: Staff Sargent / Gunnery Sargent:
Delta Company; 2nd Marine Raider Battalion

2376 – 2377 Gunnery Sargent:
SFMC Special Warfare Craft Pilot

2377 – 2381 Master Sargent:
Deep Reconnaissance Team Leader; Alpha Company; 1st Special Operations BattalionUSS Agincourt

2381 – 2386 Sargent Major:
Bravo Company; 1st Special Operations Battalion;
Camp Montezuma Halls

2386 – 2387 Sargent Major:
SFMC Reconnaissance training; Starbase 183

2387 – Warrant Officer:
2IC Tango Team MSOT

SFMC Training: Basic; Advanced;
SFMC Specialized Training: Scout Sniper Course; Marine Force Reconnaissance; (FORRECON) Assessment and Selection Program (A&S); Advanced Special Operations School (ASOS); Survival. Evasion, Resistance; Escape (SERE);
SFMC Leadership Courses: Non-Commissioned Officer Training; Warrant Officer Training
SFMC Flight School: Special Warfare Craft Pilot: Arrow Class Marine Transport & Mustang Marine Gunship

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - Present 2IC Tango Team MSOT