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Profile Overview

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Kelvan Vos

Efrosian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Vos


Commanding Officer
USS Proxima
USS Lakota


Kelvan Vos is the seasoned Commanding Officer of the USS Proxima, renowned for his unwavering dedication to Starfleet’s mission of peaceful exploration and scientific discovery. At 71, he combines an accomplished engineer’s technical expertise with a veteran leader’s strategic acumen. Known for his calm decisiveness and deep commitment to his crew, Kelvan’s leadership is both compassionate and resolute. He is complemented by his trusted executive officer, Commander T’Prynn, whose Vulcan pragmatism keeps him grounded. Together, they lead the Proxima on groundbreaking missions, embodying the ideals of Starfleet and inspiring those under their command.


At 71 years old, Kelvan Vos exudes the commanding presence of a seasoned Starfleet officer. He stands tall at 6 feet, with a lean but sturdy build, indicative of a lifetime of discipline and fitness. His once jet-black hair is now a distinguished silver, neatly kept, with a trimmed beard that adds to his air of wisdom and authority. His piercing blue eyes, a defining feature, reflect both the vastness of space he has explored and the depth of his conviction in Starfleet’s mission. His skin is tanned and weathered, a testament to the many worlds he has visited and the various atmospheres he has endured.


Kelvan Vos is defined by his unwavering belief in Starfleet’s peaceful exploration and scientific endeavor mission. As an engineer by trade, he possesses a meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of starship mechanics, which he combines with the strategic insight he has developed over years of command. Kelvan’s leadership style is characterized by calm decisiveness, a willingness to listen, and a strong sense of duty. Despite the weight of command, he remains approachable and values the input of his crew, relying heavily on his trusted executive officer, Commander T’Prynn, to keep him grounded and offer logical perspectives. T’Prynn’s Vulcan pragmatism complements Kelvan’s idealism, creating a balanced and effective command team dedicated to pursuing knowledge and improving the galaxy.


Early Life and Academy Days

Kelvan Vos was born on Earth in 2329, in the scenic region of New Zealand. Growing up near the Starfleet Academy, he was fascinated by the stories of exploration and discovery told by his parents, both retired Starfleet officers. His father, a former starship engineer, and his mother, a decorated science officer, instilled in him a profound respect for Starfleet’s mission and values.

From a young age, Kelvan displayed a keen interest in technology and space. He spent countless hours tinkering with machines and studying starship schematics. His dedication and passion led him to enroll in Starfleet Academy in 2349. During his time at the Academy, Kelvan excelled in engineering, quickly earning a reputation for his problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. He graduated with honors in 2353, ready to embark on his Starfleet career.

Early Career

Kelvan’s first assignment was as an engineer aboard the USS Saratoga (Miranda-class). The Saratoga was a venerable ship with a storied history, and Kelvan thrived in its challenging environment. He quickly adapted to the rigors of life aboard a starship, learning from seasoned officers and developing his technical expertise.

His next posting was on the USS Potemkin (Excelsior-class), where he continued to distinguish himself. On the Potemkin, Kelvan faced numerous crises that tested his skills and resolve. His ability to remain calm under pressure and devise effective solutions earned him the respect of his peers and superiors.

Kelvan’s career progressed as he transferred to the USS Yamaguchi (Ambassador-class). The Yamaguchi was known for its deep-space exploration missions, and Kelvan relished the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology and explore uncharted regions of space. His experiences on the Yamaguchi deepened his commitment to Starfleet’s mission of peaceful exploration and scientific discovery.

Rising through the Ranks

Kelvan’s leadership potential was recognized during his tenure as Assistant Chief Engineer on the USS Adriatic (New Orleans-class). He played a crucial role in several critical missions, demonstrating his ability to lead under challenging circumstances. His performance on the Adriatic earned him a promotion to Chief Engineer on the USS Kearsarge (Akira-class).

As Chief Engineer of the Kearsarge, Kelvan oversaw a major refit of the ship, implementing numerous upgrades and innovations. His dedication to excellence and his unwavering belief in the importance of scientific endeavor inspired his engineering team. The Kearsarge’s successful missions under his watch further solidified his reputation as a talented and capable leader.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

In 2380, Kelvan was promoted to Executive Officer of the USS Buran (Rhode Island class). Serving under a seasoned captain, he honed his command skills and gained valuable experience in starship operations and strategy. During his time on the Buran, Kelvan participated in several high-stakes missions, including diplomatic negotiations and crisis management. His steady leadership and commitment to Starfleet’s principles earned him the respect and loyalty of the crew.

Reaching the pinnacle

In 2385, Kelvan achieved his lifelong dream of commanding his own starship. He was given command of the USS Solaris (Excelsior II-class), a state-of-the-art vessel tasked with deep-space exploration. Under his command, the Solaris embarked on numerous groundbreaking missions, forging new alliances and making significant scientific discoveries. Kelvan’s tenure on the Solaris was marked by his unwavering belief in Starfleet’s mission and his ability to inspire his crew.

In 2400, Kelvan was appointed Commanding Officer of the USS Proxima (Sovereign-class). As the captain of the Proxima, he continued his legacy of exploration and scientific endeavor. Kelvan’s leadership was characterized by his dedication to peace, cooperation, and the pursuit of knowledge. His experiences and wisdom made him a revered figure within Starfleet, and he remained committed to guiding his crew and future generations of officers.

Key Pivotal Moments and Challenges

Throughout his career, Kelvan faced numerous pivotal moments and challenges that shaped his character and reinforced his beliefs. One such moment was during his tenure on the USS Potemkin, when the ship encountered a previously unknown alien species. Kelvan played a crucial role in establishing peaceful communication and collaboration with the species, exemplifying Starfleet’s values of diplomacy and understanding.

Another defining challenge occurred while he was Chief Engineer on the USS Kearsarge. During a critical mission, the ship was severely damaged in an ambush. Kelvan’s quick thinking and engineering expertise were instrumental in saving the ship and crew. This incident solidified his reputation as a leader who could be relied upon in the most dire circumstances.

As Executive Officer of the USS Buran, Kelvan faced one of his greatest personal challenges when he had to negotiate a tense standoff with a hostile faction. His ability to remain calm and his unwavering commitment to peaceful resolution averted a potential conflict, earning him commendations for his diplomatic skills.

Legacy and Impact

Kelvan Vos’s legacy within Starfleet is one of unwavering dedication to the principles of exploration, scientific discovery, and peaceful cooperation. His career has inspired countless officers and cadets, and his leadership style has become a model for others to follow. Kelvan’s impact extends beyond his missions and achievements; he has fostered a culture of curiosity, respect, and understanding within his crews.

Future Prospects

As Kelvan continues to command the USS Proxima, he remains focused on exploring uncharted regions of space and forging new alliances. His ultimate goal is to ensure that Starfleet’s mission of peaceful exploration endures, even in the face of internal and external challenges. Kelvan’s journey is far from over, and his unwavering belief in Starfleet’s ideals will guide him and his crew toward new horizons and discoveries.

Kelvan Vos’s story is one of dedication, resilience, and inspiration—a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration and the pursuit of knowledge that defines Starfleet.

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