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Profile Overview

Elwynor Semyonova

1/2 human, 1/2 Tellarite Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Semyonova



Played By

Meila (ID: )


As an average-height female humanoid, Elly would pass as any other human except for the notable facial ridges, thicker bone structure and musculature, pointed ears, and slightly flattened Tellarite snout. She wears her light brown hair in a braid that hangs down to her shoulder blades, and keeps clean-shaven except for carefully-groomed and delicately-shaped lamb chops. Her hands also bear only four digits instead of the five that humans normally have. She usually wears a casual, lopsided, rather playful smirk.


Elwynor’s mother Olga Petrova was an enlisted nurse that served during the Federation-Cardassian wars. Serving safely away from the front lines, Elwynor’s hospital provided planetside rehabilitation for those recovering from their war rounds. It was here that she met a Tellarite warp field specialist by the name of Semyon, who was recovering from plasma burns and training his new prosthetic arm.

After a battle with the Cardassians, Semyon’s shp, the USS Ravensburg, sustained heavy damage to its warp core magnetic containment, causing a growing plasma fire in Main Engineering. With most of the engineering crew hurt from the conflict, and with the ejection system offline, Semyon reached through the plasma fire in order to pull the warp core’s manifold out of alignment, thus triggering auto-shutdown and stopping the fire. Unfortunately, he lost his arm in the process, but the Ravensburg was saved. Semyon received the Purple Heart as well as a shiny new bio-prosthetic.

During his rehabilitation, Olga and Semyon grew close. On the day of his discharge, Semyon produced a fifty-five paragraph argument as to why Olga and he should be married. She cut him off halfway through paragraph three and said yes. For a time, the couple lived aboard Station 375, but ultimately left the station and split their time between Shirgat City on Tellar and St. Petersburg, Russia on Earth.

Eventually, with the help of genetic recombinatory therapy, Olga became pregnant with their first child. Other than extreme fatigue and cravings for Tellar escargot, her pregnancy was more or less typical up until the last trimester. Olga’s vitals showed signs of increasing stress because of the larger-than-normal fetus. So, at the advice of their doctors, Elwynor’s was born eight weeks early in order to stave off any permanent damage to mother or child.

Elwynor spent her first three weeks of life in a post-natal development creche with her adoring parents looking on. And other than genetic respiratory issues corrected with minor surgery during adolescence and post-puberty, she grew up through a perfectly normal and typical childhood. From an early age she expressed interest and talent with visual art forms like sculpting, glass blowing, and Tellarite metal sculpture, the latter encouraged by her Tellarite uncle Morei. It was clear that she was on the fast track to becoming a skilled artist.

Countering, or perhaps balancing, her artistic aptitudes was her grandfather Petrov, Olga’s father. Petrov served thirty years as an enlisted Starfleet engineer, finishing his tour as a Chief Petty Officer. Despite Elwynor showing little interest in any of it, her human intuition combined with her Tellarite affinity for tinkering ended up in interesting if not somewhat hazardous visual enhancements for her sculptures.

Despite her excellent marks, she showed no interest in enlisting in Starfleet or trying for the Academy. But with the Dominion threat becoming more and more apparent in the early 2370s, and growing up hearing the stories of her family’s service to the Federation and Starfleet, Elwynor felt compelled to do her part. With her parents’ blessing, she applied to Starfleet Academy with the plan on enlisting should her application be rejected. Strings attached to old colleagues and old favors were pulled by Petrov and Olga, but with no promises — Elwynor would be given the same chance as every other entrant to prove themselves.

With the war officially breaking out in 2373, Elwynor’s cadet track was accelerated to begin her cadet cruise six months early. Right around the time of the start of her cadet cruise in 2375, news broke out of the resistance’s success on Cardassia Prime and the Dominion’s surrender. Her ship, the USS Nautilus, one of the ships that fought during the Battle of Chin’toka, was reassigned to help with the Cardassian rescue and clean-up in a post-war Alpha Quadrant.

Elwynor completed her cadet studies and earned her commission at the end of 2375. Her skills in materials engineering were crucial in helping war-ravaged Cardassia Prime. In 2376, when preliminary clean-up had been completed, the aging and battle-weary Nautilus was decommissioned in favor of a brand new Akira-class of the same name. The Nautilus’ crew resumed their mission patrolling the Cardassian front and providing rapid response to Cardassia and its client worlds. Elwynor earned her promotion to Lieutenant JG in 2380 as well as the position of Assistant Chief Engineer.

There was little time to make meaningful personal relationships during those early years aboard the old Nautilus. As such, in her spare time, she collected junk parts from salvage and from the Miranda had key components replaced by more modern counterparts. Once assigned to the new Akira and with the war becoming a memory, she had more space and resources she could call on, and created a few kinetic sculptures using some of her collected junk as expressions of the impact of the devastation of the Dominion War — not only to the Federation, but to the Cardassian people as well.

With the Union having re-established itself, Elwynor was reassigned from the Nautilus to a smaller, newer vessel: the USS Diligent, exploring the Gradin Belt in the Delta Quadrant. Little does she know that a gold pip and an engine room awaits her.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2373 - 2374 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2374 - 2375 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375 Cadet Starfleet Academy
2375 Cadet, Materials Specialist USS Nautilus NCC-31910
2375 - 2376 Materials Engineer USS Nautilus NCC-31910
2376 - 2380 Materials Engineer USS Nautilus (Akira-class)
2380 - 2389 Assistant Chief Engineer USS Nautilus (Akira-class)