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Harrison Anders

Human Male

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Commodore Anders




Harrison Jude Anders



Harrison came up in Systems Operations line of work. His eventual rise to commanding officer was due to the heat of battle, where his superior was killed. He served respectably during the Ten Year War, the latter portion of it as CO of the USS Reverent. Upon its destruction and the end of the war, Harrison took a break from service to reflect and spend time with family before being plunged back into the command role on Heyerdahl Station.


Harrison has no idea where he was born or who his birth parents were. When he was two years old, he was adopted by a his mothers, and has been content to know their love. He has one sister, biological, who was also adopted by the couple.

Monica and Estelle doted on their children, giving them every advantage possible. Monica was the daughter of a wealthy shipping mogul, and Estelle was an artist by trade with a few successes in painting and sculpting. Together, they travelled the stars, taking in all they could of life and culture. When they found themselves to be feeling a bit lacking, they applied to an adoption agency and were quickly chosen for two children. They named the boy Harrison and the girl Leslie.

The two travelled with their mothers in a private ship that was funded and provided by their grandfather. The crew consisted of the usual workers, but also a special tutor for maths and sciences, and a cultural instructor for art and music. The crew of the ship, engineers and pilots and all, also played a hand in the children’s education, providing a hands-on learning environment.

As a result, Harrison thrived. When he announced, at age 18, that he wanted to join Starfleet, his mothers were shocked. They couldn’t believe he’d rather join a military entity than live the life they had, but Harrison felt the drive for more, and the pull he felt lead him to the Academy.

He didn’t particularly excel in any field, passing with good but not remarkable grades. Where he thrived was in the social arena, networking and making the right friends that would help him in his career. He was seen as a well-rounded student with a bright future.

His career began inauspiciously, as a junior flight control officer working the graveyard shift. It took him years to advance, peacetime being what it is. As his career meandered, so did his interests, until one day he finally decided he wanted to seek out the command track, and requested a recommendation from his CO.

He excelled at the Academy satellite campus on Betazed, where his smile and easy charms and handsome looks went over well with the natives and Academy attendees alike. His open nature helped, as well, in such an open society.

Not long after completing the command courses, his career began its upward trajectory. With the outbreak of the Klingon War in 2397, he was assigned as Executive Officer of a newly commissioned Intrepid Class starship, the USS Reverent. During the course of the war, the Reverent and her crew served well.

In May 2407, after the long-sought adjustment to the Treaty of Algeron, the Reverent was part of an attacking fleet that was issued the first cloaking devices. On a deep run through Klingon space, they tore open a wound in the Empire that resulted in civil war and a tentative peace with the Federation. Unfortunately, the Reverent was destroyed, losing most hands. Those that survived were rescued quickly, and returned to Federation space.

With the war completed, Harrison took a short LOA to spend time with his mothers, travelling here and there in their ship for a time. In December 2407, upon completion of his LOA, he was immediately assigned as Commanding Officer of Heyerdahl Station

Service Record:

2381 – Graduates Starfleet Academy with a major in Aerospace Flight Control & Navigation and Stellar Cartography, and a minor in Systems Operations. Assigned to USS Mandela as a Flight Control Officer.

2383 – Transferred to USS Copernicus as Assistant Flight Control Officer.

2385 – Transfers to Starbase 24 as Flight Control Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2387 – Transfers to USS Galileo as Chief Flight Control Officer. Galileo is assigned patrol duties along the Cardassian border, based out of Starbase 47.

2391 – Promoted to Lieutenant.

2392 – Transfers to Betazed for command training at an Academy satellite campus there. Focuses on Strategic & Logistics Operations.

2395 – Transfers to USS Reliant-C as Chief of Operations. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

2397 – Transferred to USS Reverent as Executive Officer at outset of Klingon-Federation War. Promoted to Commander

2403 – Promoted to Captain, named Commanding Officer of USS Reverent.

May 2407 – Reverent is destroyed in battle, most hands lost.

December 2407 – Reassigned as Commanding Officer, Heyerdahl Station.

2408 – Promoted to Commodore