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Raisa Isidora

Human, cybernetics Female

Character Information




Harcun colony was one of the many stage one colonies founded by humans, non supported by Federation directives these colonies would often end up as failures. Harcun however managed to endure mainly due it’s suitability to heavy industry and the lack of otherwise lovely features that would make people object to the presence of such heavy industry. Growing steadily the colony attracted the sort of people that needed a place to run to and it shows clearly. Most of the colony is rough and dangerous and policing units are far and few inbetween because funds for them are not a priority. The Federation might hold many ideals, but it simply cannot keep control over every colony out there and especially not those she has not supported so it kept well clear.

For Raisa it meant growing up to a harsh live with both her parents working in the factories money was limited. Lucky by the time she was born the Federation did start to supply schooling materials and medical assistance to those who could not afford it. However further support was held back due resource limitation as the council said wild cat colonies simply could not be supported in full or it would drain far too many resources needed elsewhere. The events of the Dominion war only made things worse with a serious reduction in support and an influx of new people Harcun went from dark and dirty to dark and dangerous.

Raisa however had shown a neck to stay out of trouble she could not deal with and a smart enough brain to keep learning and passing her school grades. However each day as she grew up she was again and again confronted with just how bad a place the colony was. So when she finally finished her schooling she decided to join the police force in order to do something about it. By then 10 years after the war things were still not good and in fact organized crime had comfortably settled in. Human gangs often with off world oversight held a strong grip on the colony. Not only was this harmful to the many people there it also meant that the cry for the colony to officially request absorption by the Federation were suppressed.

What would follow was an 9 year struggle for Raisa and the underfunded and manned police units of Harcun to push back the gangs and mobs so that the people could be heard. However the head of the Harcun police units was a smart man going only by the name Ozuu. He made deals with gangs and marked territory and listed penalties for breaking their deals. Structuring the deals in such a way that he knew they would be broken and to make sure he laid ample of traps. Slowly this way he allowed his officers to push back against the gangs, with precision strikes hub after hub was taken out before reaction could be made. While the gangs held the power advantage the Police units held the support of the people and an steel determination.

For Raisa it meant that she always had to be on edge, when patrolling one was an easy target for anyone and when raiding another compound meant that getting hurt or worse was an very real risk. That risk became all too real two separate times, the first time she lost her right eye due grenade shrapnel, at least the medical companies supported the police units and she was outfitted with a reasonable cybernetic replacement, not the same as the real thing, but it had up and downsides to it. The second time however things went far more wrong as a door they were breaching had been body trapped. She remembered getting out of the truck and waking up 3 months later in hospital with a very firm feeling chest which was no longer her own.

The recovery and getting used to her new eye had taken her a few weeks, but the major injury she had sustained now after 6 years in service would take a lot longer. For months she had to get used to the cybernetic replacement parts which included her lungs and liver. The only thing that had kept her alive was the proximity to the hospital. To some the thoughts of the ‘upgrades’ the cybernetics offered might seem appealing. To Raisa however it was a nightmare as a woman who had been training most of her live, her body was no longer her own and did not do what she expected. She ended up needing over a year to recover before she was finally fit to return to service, but even then she was not her old self.

As she rejoined the force things were looking good with the gangs pushes back far into the outskirts of the cities and their power over many businesses brought to an end the colony started to liven up and change. Some parks were actually being laid down which certainly was a first. However the battle was not won yet and the gangs were fighting hard to keep what they still held and some even would try to expand again. However the small force of police officers had grown around a core of highly experienced officers.

1.5 Years later the colony was finally at a state where the Federation council and the humans were willing to accept it within the UFP. Now a Federation planet the lives of the people are still tough for some one has to do the harsh jobs, but they have security, healthcare and good education. Raisa her parents might never have enjoyed the path their daughter had taken, but they were grateful for what they now had. As for Raisa she wanted to see something else, perhaps go away from the place that had brought her so much pain and sorrow over the years. Although maybe it was her historian side that was finally allowed to shine over the harsh nature of gaining control over her home colony.

She posted a request to see if she could join a starfleet vessel as a civilian, not willing to sign up full time and officially she would be on leave from the Hacrun police which still had her on the payroll for another year. However many of the old core of officers were granted leave as starfleet helped out filling the ranks for a while and above all training police officers to police instead of kicking down doors.

However soon after some travels Raisa realized that paradise was not the reality for the Federation. Sure on it’s home planets and long standing colonies paradise was closely there, but once outside of that, people were once again people and not saints. Her urge to protect those who needed protection once again surfaced, but the idealistic nature of starfleet did not appeal to her go and fing do it attitude and hence she signed up for the marine corps. She went through boot camp at first going in as enlisted, however after finishing basic she was offered a slot at OCS, which she decided to take, after all higher up the ladder meant she had better chances to make the impact.

She graduated with relative ease due her prior experiences, though because of her greater knowledge she did clash more often with instructors, after all she was not mild steel still needing a complete reforge. Still in the end that was not enough for the corps to throw her out and now she was ready for her first field assignment.