Lieutenant T’Lorok “Lancer” Karon

T’Lrok has the classic Romulan male appearance, pale skin, black hair in the distinctive style, pointed ears, eyebrow ridges and his face usually carries a thin smile, bordering on a sneer. T'Lrok is most often arrogant, direct, forceful and dismissive, with a well-developed Romulan superiority complex. However, when T’Lok chooses, he can be polite, respectful, well-mannered and almost charming. His natural arrogance is as much a part of his cultural heritage as it is based on his innate ability – he is an exceptional small-craft pilot. This natural skill has been called reckless and dangerous by some and many wonder when his luck will run out. An event T’Lok himself seems to believe will never occur.


Strengths & Weaknesses:
Enhanced physical abilities inherent in his Romulan physiology

While he lacks the rigorous mental discipline of his Vulcan cousins T’Lrok still processes exceptional mental abilities, although ruled more by passion and emotions rather than logic and cold reason.

An exceptional small craft pilot, who consistently scored in the top five percent of his classes during Starfighter training.

A dangerous mix of valor and courage, arrogance and recklessness..

Although he has spent some two years in Starfleet, a post he did not volunteer for, he still has difficulty understanding how his manner can be off putting to some people and has little concept of the term politically correct.

To complete his Five Year Assignment to Starfleet and return to the Romulan military where he hopes to rebuild his career and reestablish the prominence of his family’s house, eventually moving into politics and a place in the Romulan Senate.

Languages Spoken:
Romulan, Federation standard; a smattering of Klingon and Cardassian

Personal History:
T’Lrok Karon is one of the few surviving members of a once prominent and powerful Romulan dynasty. The Karon family had served with honor and distinction in the Romulan military for generations. His great grandfather made the move into politics, after a long and successful career in the Star Navy. He was supreme commander of the Praetorian Fleet and became a leading member of the Romulan Senate. This power base was strengthened by the marriage of T’Lrok’s parents, Elac and Tomerr. His mother’s house were leading members of the Tal Diann, Romulan military intelligence, a counterpart to the civilian Tal Shiar. His uncle held the family senate seat and his father was soon to be appointed as military governor of a new colony world.

After an education at some of the best schools in the Star Empire T’Lrok undertook his Serona, the five years of military service required of all Romulan citizens. He served as a helmsman pilot aboard a D’deridex class warship, the IRW Lesarnt and later as a spacefighter pilot aboard a Valdore class IRW Venath.

Completion of his mandatory term was followed, naturally, by attendance at the Romulan version of the Starfleet Academy, the Military Rhetor of the Romulan Star Empire, where he entered into lifelong service as a military officer. T’Lrok specialised in Flight operations; Starship battle tactics and Command. Building on his skill and experience as a pilot he was transferred back to a Scorpion fighter squadron on the Valdore class IRW Vordorth Patrolling along the Romulan – Breen border and his ship saw action in a number of cross border skirmishes.

As the youngest of three children born to a strong family T’Lrok’s future looked certain, a long military career and then a minor political office, Prelateship on a colony perhaps. This all fell apart when the Hobus supernova devastated Romulus and with it the power and prestige of the family Karon. The family, it’s wealth, estates and supporters were gone with the planet, leaving only T’Lrok, his sister, N’Selae and a couple of distant cousins alive.

Many of the old established houses were replaced by the new leaders emerging to take power in the aftermath of the supernova. The Karon’s fell by the wayside in the Post-Hobus Empire.

With closer ties to the Federation forced on the Romulans by necessity, after the disruption, devastation and new threats from the Klingons and Cardassians, it was not long before the Senate succumbed to Federation diplomatic suggestions of trial joint operations with Starfleet, This led in turn to the Star Navy entering into an exchange program with Starfleet.

Without the military and political clout of his family to prevent it, T’Lrok was amongst a group of fifty not-quite-willing “volunteers” assigned to the five year program. To say he was annoyed at being sent to live and work within the Federation would be an understatement. He bitterly resented what he perceived as an insult and this clouded his first few months at Starfleet Academy, where he undertook a one year induction course.

Slowly his attitude changed and he grudgingly realized that he had an opportunity to learn more about the Federation in five years than most Romulans discovered in a lifetime. Knowledge and experience he hoped would stand him in good stead when he returned to the Empire. His resentment dissipated, his participation increased, relations with staff, instructors and fellow non-Romulan students improved, along with his grades.

After Starfleet Academy he was assigned to the Starfighter Corps and passed the training program with consistently high marks in tactics, flight maneuvers and dog-fighting. It was here he was given the call-sign “Lancer” for his record high score on a stand-off missile attack evolution.

He was then assigned to a Normandy Class carrier, USS Agincourt, as a member of a Javelin equipped Interceptor Squadron, the 126th Silver Shadows. Despite his somewhat arrogant nature his clear abilities saw him rise in position and responsibility, moving rapidly from Element Leader, to Flight Leader and then Squadron Leader. Much to his own surprise he found an unexpected level of camaraderie, loyalty and friendship amongst the other pilots, who welcomed him into their unit despite his initial disdain. T’Lrok also embraced the fighter-jock squadron culture, something very different to the rigid discipline of the Star Navy. Almost without realizing it, he was having a good time…

As part of a standard Starfighter unit rotation system and to replace losses occured in the defense of Xavier Fleet Yards, the 126th Interceptor Squadron is being assigned to the Insignia Class USS Devonshire.

Service Record:

2378 – 2383 – – Military Serona: Helmsman IRW Lesarnt; Fighter pilot IRW Venath
2383 – 2385 – – Military Rhetor of the Romulan Star Empire
2385 – 2387 – – Fighter Pilot IRW Venath
2387 – – Federation/Star Empire Officer Exchange Program – Starfleet Academy
2387 – 2387 – – Starfleet Starfighter Corps training school
2387 – 2389 – – Squadron Leader Silver Shadows 126th Interceptor Squadron, USS Agincourt
2389 – – Wing Commander & Squadron leader Silver Shadows 126th Interceptor Squadron, USS Devonshire

Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
2389LieutenantWing CommanderUSS Devonshire