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Michael Hunter

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Hunter


Executive Officer


2392 – 2396 — Earned honors in Astrophysics and in Exobiology. Member of Red Squad. Graduated with the Rank of Ensign.

2396.03 – Assigned to USS Intrepid as an Assistant Tactical Officer. Intrepid is given a 4 year mission to explore the outer reaches of the Alpha Quadrant.

2398 – Promoted to Lieutenant JG.

2400.04 – Intrepid returns from its 4 year mission.

2401 – Transfers to Starfleet Academy Command School on Earth.

2403 – Graduates from Command School

2403.05 – Promoted to Lieutenant

2403 – Transfers to USS Pegasus, patrolling the Klingon Border. Second Officer and Chief Tactical Officer.

2408 – USS Pegasus is ordered to Starbase 1 for re-fit.

2408.05 – Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and Assigned to Heyerdahl Station as Executive Officer


Michael Hunter was born in May of 2373 to Jenni and Max Hunter. Jenni died when Michael was only 4 years old leaving his father to raise him by himself. With his father devoted to his work as a commodities trader, they spent most of their time in the city of New York. It was here that a young Michael, under little supervision began to get into trouble. He started running around with a local street gang and eventually became one of its ringleaders. This all stopped when Michael was arrested for assault. Once his father found out, Michael was immediately sent to a private boarding school. He was ten years old. The next eight years of his life were spent in private boarding schools until his graduation at the age of 18. During his time at the school he rarely saw his father except during holidays. This caused Michael’s relationship with his father to continue to deteriorate to a point that has never fully recovered.

Michael entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 19 in the year 2392 after turning down several job offers working in his fathers business. He excelled in the Academy and quickly gained notice from his instructors and the Academy Superintendent. In his third year he was offered a spot in Red Squad where he was placed with other elite students to receive specialized classes and advanced field training. He ended up Majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in Exobiology. When he graduated his father failed to show up to the ceremony having been delayed and busy with work. They have yet to speak to each other to this day.

After graduation Michael requested a posting to a Starship, and after a few months wait was finally offered a slot on the USS Intrepid that was soon leaving on a four year mission to explore the Alpha Quadrant. He spent two years of the mission learning as the Assistant Tactical Officer eventually being promoted to Lieutenant JG and given the Chief Tac Officer slot when the previous one died after an encounter with an alien virus. During the 4 year mission he quickly gained a reputation of being a perfectionist. He was loyal and obedient to his commanding officer and his senior officers remarked about how he had seemingly undying integrity.

Once the mission was completed in 2400 he was promoted to Lieutenant and recommended by his CO to attend the Starfleet Command Academy which he accepted. While at the Academy he met and fell in love with Michelle, a Dark Haired woman who was there as a civilian liaison, teaching Xenobiology. After a short affair of only 6 months they got married. Once Michael graduated he requested a posting on earth so that he could stay near to his wife, but his request was denied and he was assigned to the USS Pegasus patrolling the Klingon Border. Michelle begged him to stay and asked him to resign his commission, but his sense of duty and honor would not allow him to. He made a commitment to Starfleet and he intended to honor that promise. After two years of being away he received a letter from Michelle asking for a divorce which he grudgingly accepted.

His tour aboard the Pegasus was uneventful. He was assigned as the Second Officer and Chief Tactical Officer, he carried himself well and distinguished himself as a reliable and good Officer, but his failed Marriage to Michelle weighed heavily on his mind. Once the Klingon war ended the Pegasus was ordered back to Earth in early 2408 to undertake a re-fit and upgrade.

With a few months leave accrued, Hunter took some time off to re-evaluate his life and his career.

In May of 2408 Hunter was assigned to Heyerdahl Station as the Executive Officer and given a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.