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Profile Overview

Moriko Hironaki

Caitian Female

Character Information




Moriko is a modern woman trying her best to keep pace with a modern society, stay up to date in a technological vocation and maintain her memories of the people of her past. Moriko is very systematic in her thinking and problem solving. She works at keeping herself very fit. Despite her intellect those around can easily discern her emotions that at times will dictate behavior contrary to what her mind believes. Moriko merely desires to bring honor to her ancestors and represent her family to the best of her abilities. Moriko is a huge fan of music from Earth’s mid to late 1980’s and has the habit (bad?) of quoting lyrics during casual conversation despite the fact most will not understand the reference. She reads pulp novels of various genres from the late 20th through the 22nd century. Most of her free time is concerned with her mastering of the martial arts initially introduced to her by her father. Moriko was born and raised in what passed for rural Japan (Earth) in 2362. She was one of three children, all female, born to a couple employed as cultural historians by the United Earth government attached to the Cultural Commission of Terran Affairs branch of the United Federation of Planets. Prior to her entry into Starfleet Academy Moriko lived the life of a female desperately trying to balance the torrents of the fiture, the eddies of now and the whisper pull of her ancestors.