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Profile Overview

Angelo Valentino

Human Male

Character Information




Angelo Valentino, a 23-year-old human male. His easy going attitude, and playboy and charming personality makes him a popular officer, especially amongst the females. His talent, skill and ambition are unquestionable. Angelo was born to a Sicilian father and an Italian mother. He grew up in the town of Corleone, Sicily, Earth. Angelo is a very calm and composed individual. Due to his sociable and friendly character, he is a popular person to have around. He is an approachable individual with a killer smile. His charming and charismatic personality combined with his Italian features make him a modern-day Casanova. Angelo suffers from mild claustrophobia, and this is because as a child, he became trapped in a walk-in refrigerator at his family restaurant, Ristorante Valentino. Alpha Quadrant Under 21s All Styles Mixed Martial Arts” champion at the age of 19.