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Human Female

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Crewman Apprentice McCoy




Quinn McCoy is a very happy person often getting on folks nerves by being so sweet it hurts their sweet tooth. She loves her job and making people feel better!


Quinn Emery McCoy is the fifth child in the McCoy family she has four older sisters and that’s just fine with her. Growing up she saw her sisters getting hurt in numerous way over the years and being stubborn types they didn’t always tell their parents about scrapes and bruises a few broken bones. Quinn learned quick to tend to the various wounds her sisters brought home. From books and from asking their elderly neighbor, who had been a trama nurse in her younger days. More often than not Quinn would listen to stories as she learned how to treat her older sisters for their exploring flollies.

As she set out on her very first assignment as a nurse in her own right Quinn can’t be more ready for what awaits her. Fresh from the academy her career is about to take off.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Nurse USS Hawaii
Nurse in training Academy