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Profile Overview

Elijah Thorne

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Thorne




Born on a small asteroid colony that he never left until joining Starfleet, Elijah was instantly overwhelmed by the mundane wonders of the world. Everything from fresh air, non replicated food, to the sky itself was a minor miracle to Elijah. After overcoming some initial culture shock with the help of a mentor, he went on to become an accomplished science officer specializing in Xenoarchaeology. Currently serving With Task Force 38 aboard the USS Diligent.


2381: Graduated Starfleet Acadamey, Major, Xenoarchaeology, Minor, Biology
2381-2382: Crewmen aboard USS Minerva. Promoted to Ensign upon transfer to Valentine
2382-2385: Ensign aboard USS Valentine. Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior grade in 2384. Promoted to Lieutenant upon transfer to Darius IV
2385-2389: Lieutenant assigned the Darius IV colony science initiative.
2389: Transferred to USS Diligent.