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Ren Trell

Betazoid male

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Executive Officer
USS Valkyrie





Ren is a Betazoid man, age 35, and 6′ 2″ tall and 190 pounds.


Ren carries himself in a calm and professional manner. He’s personable and mannerly, but often says what he means, a common trait of his people, though he learned to temper that over the years. He is open to new friendships and socializing, but also covets alone time.


Ren Trell was born on Betazed in 2366. His father is Darik Trell, his mother Deela Trell. He has a younger sister, Jenna. He was on his home world during the Dominion occupation, something he put in the deepest past of his memories.

When Ren was eight, while playing with other children, he fell out of a tree, striking his head on the ground, which caused a traumatic brain injury. Doctors were able to save his life, but he was in a coma for three days. Once healed, he was carefully monitored, but there were no ill affects until he got older when his telepathic abilities never developed. This alienated Ren from Betazoid society, which led to teasing from other children. He got into fights and was often called, Ferengi Boy. Because of his injury, surgeries, and medications in his treatment, it was discovered that he could not be read by telepaths and empaths.

Normally outgoing and social, Ren drew more inward as he got older. His father, dearly loving his son, tried everything he could to help, but when Ren was age seventeen, he encouraged him to apply to Starfleet. That was a place he could truly fit in. After thinking about it for a few days, Ren decided to try. After graduating high school, he took the entrance exam and was accepted to study security and tactical. The day he left home was both happy and sad.

Ren enjoyed Starfleet Academy; his father was right that it was a place he would be accepted for who he was. Earth was amazing and when he had free time, he would go exploring and site-seeing with friends.

Upon graduation, Ren was assigned to the USS Satori where he served his entire career, reaching the rank of lieutenant commander and chief of security and tactical. When the XO position on the Valkyrie was available, he applied.

Strengths: Calm, disciplined, isn’t easily rattled, strong-willed, observant. Ren has an inner strength unique to his people because of his medical situation. He cannot be read by telepaths or empaths.

Weaknesses: Ren has no telepathic or empathic abilities. Though healed emotionally, he sometimes falls into mild bouts of regret. He can lose patience with others if he needs to explain his situation for the umpteenth time.