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Romulan Female

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Name: Nalys Age: 79 Affliation: New Romulan Republic Station: Commander of the R.R.W Anarhai Birthplace: Romulus Public archive: Born on the Romulan homeworld, Nalys served over half a decade in the Romulan navy as an engineer. In her official records she is listed as having served aboard tree different ships, and served in many conflicts throughout her career during the later half of the 24’th, and the early half of the 25’th century. After the destruction of Romulus, she gained command of a warbird of her own, a Dhelan class starship. Before that, however, she is listed as an inhabitant of a small Romulan colony for several years. The name of the colony is not in the public record. Today she commands the R.R.W Anarhai, one of the latest iterations on the massive Romulan Warbird tradition. As one of the bigger starships in the fleet, the Anarhai has been involved in many major battles, including the Elachi invasion of New Romulus, the Undine invasion of Earth, and the Iconian invasion of Qonos. Political leanings: No Romulan Commander can fully escape the throes of politics, and Nalys is no exception. Politically, Nalys is a pure centrist who favors neither the Klingon Empire, nor the Federation in it’s relations. She has repeatedly emphasized the need for New Romulus to stand apart from these two powers in an independant power bloc. Her status as a war veteran lends some weight to these arguments. This makes Nalys one of the core neutrals in the political arena who, if swayed by either faction to support them, could help tip the balance of the Republic’s politics. This has made her an object of interest for diplomats and intelligence officers of both factions.