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Dr. Cara O'Reilly

Human Female

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Lieutenant Commander MD




Cara Brindin O'Reilly



Cara is a 35 year old redhead with emerald green eyes. She is a strong individual and an honest and loyal friend to those she trusts. She loves to joke around and rarely is serious. She absolutely loves practical jokes. When she loves she loves hard. When she plays she plays hard. She is almost anal when it comes to her job. She is a stickler for everything in its place. She is a generous leader yet she is tough when needed. She respects those who work with her and never asks anything of those under her that she would not do herself. However….she has a short fuse and a hot temper. You definitely do not want to get on her bad side. She also has little tolerance for chronic sniveling. Probably her worst attribute is her propensity to speak her mind no matter the consequences.


Dr. O’Reilly was born, raised and practiced medicine in Lucan, Ireland (just outside of Dublin). Due to the growth of Starfleet Medical’s Academy and hospital in Dublin, people in the smaller towns began to seek their medical attention there instead of from the small town doctors and O’Reilly had to decide what to do about his practice. He was still young so he decided it was time for a change and packed up his bags and moved to the US, settling in the coastal city of Newport, Oregon. There he opened a private practice that flourished almost immediately. He met Mika, the daughter of a surgeon at Samaritan Pacific Hospital (and descendant from many generations of Lakota Sioux Medicine Men), fell in love and got married. Cara was born a year later. She grew up learning to love medicine of all forms and loving the two cultures she was born from. Mika passed away when Cara was 13 from a rare cancer that, even the highly educated Starfleet physicians at the Medical Center in Portland could not treat.

Cara decided at an early age that she would follow in her father’s footsteps and she spent many hours after school, shadowing her father and grandfather in their practices. But the death of her mother led her to decide that private practice was not what she wanted and she began taking extra credit courses in biology, alien biology and trauma. By the age of 17, Cara had accumulated enough credits to be accepted into the Starfleet Medical Academy and begin her official training as a physician with an emphasis on emergency medicine. She completed her 4 years of medical school on Starfleet’s nickle, then did 2 years at the regular Academy learning Starfleet protocols, etc. Her first assignment was at a MARS (Medical and Related Sciences) Station near the Neutral Zone where she did her 4 years of residency then served as a trauma doctor in the medical facility’s ER for 8 years. She was rotated out and spent the next 5 years on the USS Wilkesboro as their ACMO/Trauma Physician There she was able to train and become certified as an EMT (Emergency Medical Transport) pilot and flew several search and rescue missions. The Wilkesboro was being decommissioned and four days before it was to dock at the Mars shipyards, she received her orders that she had a new assignment as Chief Medical Officer on the USS Trafalgar.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2375 - 2382 Trauma Physician MARS 495
2383 - 2389 Trauma Physician & Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Wilkesboro