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Bryan Cash

Terran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Cash


Bryan Agustus Cash



A captain from Starfleets legendary golden age in the 2260’s a bizarre series of events rejuvenated Bryan and brought him forward into the 2380’s.
Retrained and given a new starship Bryan continues his adventure that began so very long ago.


A Birth and a Tragedy
Bryan Cash was born in a small Minnesota town in the year 2218. When he was eight years old, his parents were killed in a shuttle accident, leaving Bryan was devastated. After floating around the orphanage system for a few years, a living relative was finally found. Bryan went to live with his Great-Uncle: Admiral George Cash, who had previously been on a deep space exploration mission in the Beta Quadrant.

Admiral George Cash was a older, strict, military-man, and Bryan’s life was not all fun and games. The Admiral made Bryan live his life like he was in the military and pressured him to join Starfleet when he came of age. Bryan resented his uncle for this and grew up a very bitter and lonely little boy. He attended Xavier Lewis High School in Iowa, and excelled in scientific courses such as biology and mathematics. Bryan was also a member of the high school football team and an avid rugby player.

Captain Cash circa 2250
The Decision
Bryan submitted his application to join Starfleet at age 18. His uncle helped to get the application accepted for early entry. In the Academy, Bryan found an entirely new life away from his uncle, and he studied Terran History and science with incredible zeal. By sheer accident, Bryan discovered his talent for command during a training exercise on Earth. Bryan was the only sophomore cadet ever to lead a team to a victory in the Academy’s war game exercises, and as a result was recommended for the Command School.

He graduated 15th in his class of 200. His first post was aboard the USS Eagle as a Relief Navigation Officer, where he served until he was promoted to Lieutenant and reassigned to the USS Exeter as Primary Helm Officer, where he remained for five years.

Captain Cash circa 2262
Reassignment to destiny
Upon the end of the Exeter’s five year mission, Bryan was reassigned to the San Fransisco Fleet Yards as a Junior Designer in the Navigation Systems Division, where he was assigned to the design team for the ship that would shape his ultimate destiny: The USS Venture Star.

Bryan started as a Navigation Systems Integrator but quickly moved up until he was Lead Construction Overseer and promoted to Commander. Bryan oversaw the introduction of several key designs and systems into the Venture Star and was very heavily involved in her construction, as well. After the Venture Star’s sister ship, the USS Intimidator, was destroyed in a tragic accident on her maiden voyage, the whole Dreadnought Project was going to be scrapped, but Bryan along with Commander George Rayburn pushed for the project to continue and swore that they could make the remaining prototype work— and work well.

Starfleet Command was impressed by his passionate speech, and gave command of the Venture Star to Bryan along with a promotion to Captain three years later at the Venture Star’s launching ceremony.

Approaching the Golden Years and Flashing Forward

Captain Cash circa 2378
Bryan served for more than twenty years aboard the Venture Star and was eventually promoted to Fleet Captain and then to Admiral assigned to Starfleet Command and the triangle sector.

Bryan served with distinction until he learned of the impending decommission of his old command, the Venture Star. Troubled by the impending loss of the great old ship and after being unable to save it from destruction, Bryan hatched a plot with several other former officers of the Venture Star and stole the aging ship from its birth at San Fransisco Fleet Yards. During the Venture Star’s escape from San Francisco fleet yards a stray phaser hit caused a major imbalance in the warp core.

Creating a worm hole that cut through time as well as space the Venture Star emerged in 2361 in the briar patch and eventually abandoning the damaged Venture Star Cash and his crew made it to the Baku planet where they lived unknown and unseen on the opposite side of the planet for some twenty years. Having grown considerably younger due to the effects of the unique radiation in the planets rings cash and his senior officers were eventually discovered in the 2370’s by a group of observers sent to the baku planet to study the unique population. Once returned to a whole new galaxy an instant storm of media excitement at the appearance of the ship and officers from the Golden Age of starfleet exploration greeted them.

Retrained and given command of the newest Excalibur class starship Bryan Cash sets out to begin the adventure he started almost 130 years ago all over again. A new ship an old name……

The Adventure and the legend continue!

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2239 - 2240 Relief Navigator USS Eagle
2240 - 2242 Helm Officer USS Exeter
2242 - 2248 Navigation system designer San Francisco Fleet Yards
2249 - 2250 Lead Project Intimidator San Francisco Fleet Yards
2250 - 2280 Commanding Officer USS Venture Star
2280 - 2283 Administrator Starfleet Command
2283 - 2288 Administrator Triangle Sector Starfleet Command
2288 - 2290 Head of Fleet Operations Starfleet Command
2290 Retired Head of Fleet Operations Starfleet Command
2282 - Present Commanding Officer USS Venture Star