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Rasahni Korra

Bajoran Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Rasahni




Rasahni Korra



Dedicated and loyal to the Federation, Korra is a model Starfleet security officer. A Bajoran growing up off world and not in a refugee camp during the Occupation Korra and her siblings have often been outsiders. This is probably why she latched so tightly onto Starfleet and the Federation. Despite this she’s still proud to be a Bajoran and of her people’s heritage. Korra has always had a strong belief in the Prophets, although she often questioned why their gods let the Occupation happen in the first place. This conflict in her faith was something hard to overcome and for many years she struggled, especially early in her career and reconnecting with her extended family.


Korra has been described as a fitness fanatic, spending several hours a day either in the gym, running or sparring. On many of her assignments she also teaches self-defense classes based on Bajoran martial art forms. Korra enjoys being a teacher, helping those who are curious and dedicated to improve their skills and protect themselves.

Like most Bajorans, Korra has taken a liking to baseball, well more than a liking. While her home colony doesn’t have a team, her adoptive Ironwings are a favorite among the family. Korra never misses a game, always setting aside a portion of her monthly data transfer limit to get a holo-file of a game. Her own talent in the sport is fairly average for an athletic woman, she still enjoys every game she gets to play.

After the war Korra’s personality became far more stoic and intense, she’d lost a lot of friends and became far more protective of those that were left. This goes doubly, quadrupedally so for her children; her daughters are her focus and also her blind spot. Like any mother there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for them, or to protect them. Korra is a little gun-shy when it comes to relationships, the last time she settled down she thought it was for life. Instead she ended up in a marriage that only lasted as long as it did because of her children. Since then she’s barely had a fling, devoting herself fully to her job.

Korra is as close to the rest of her family as she is to her children. It took her awhile to get her more extended family to accept her and that strained her relationship with them and her parents for a time. Many have come around to her way of thinking about the Federation, but there are still those more extreme elements of her extended family.