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Konebak Zek

Xindi-Insectoid Male

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Lieutenant Junior Grade Zek




Konebak Zek



Konebak has two large compound eyes that are black in color when in a low light but reflect a red and blue color when a bright light like sunlight hit them. He has two antenna on his head used for balance and area awareness. Konebak also had two mandibles for a mouth that are razor sharp and can be used as weapons to bite and tear through flesh when needed.
He walks upright on two thin legs and has two thin arms. Most of the body is covered by a semi rigid carapace. He doesn’t have any skin but rather a semi-hard protective shell over his entire body. This makes him very durable he is still vulnerable to phrasers and disrupters but it takes an extremely sharp blade to pass through his outer shell like coating.


Konebak was born in a hatchery on a Xindi-Insectoid ship where he was raised and taught the working of the ships. Learning the workings on the ship from a young age allowed him to become a very good engineer and a very important one for the Xindi. He was expected to keep both the ship and the hatchery on the ship running at all times. Always looking for a way to keep things running at a better efficiency has helped him in his career but has caused the occasional injury.

Being willing to always put everything on the line to make things better and ran even better has given Konebak the reputation of being great but also very reckless. This drew people to him and gave him different opportunities. At what his people would call the age of seven he was made an offer to join Starfleet Academy he accepted it right away. After a year he took a ship from the Xindi colony world he was living on to Starfleet Academy.

Upon his arrival at the academy there were many races but few Xindi walking around, Konebak felt alone to a degree but decided that he will have to accept it if he was going to continue with his career. Walking into his orientation things seemed to be going well there were occasional odd looks being sent his way, he could tell he was sticking out in the crowd but he was proud to be in the Academy.

In the many years he was there Konebak would make friends in the academy and learn all he could about the workings of the starfleet vessels that he would one day be working on. At time he would still get the odd look directed at him and he always felt it was because of the attack on earth his people did two centuries ago. Konebak was known as an excellent engineer his entire time at the academy he did have the occasional blemish on his record from outburst of aggression when someone yells or uses a high tone towards him, he continues even now to try and control his outburst.

After graduating Konebak was requested for station working the Delta Quardant. He would work for six years under direction from the stations chief engineer. He would given awards and be accommodated for his work. Throughout those years there would be problems that would rise and he would be the one they would depend on. He would later be recommended for the titan class ship the USS Columbus. Accepting the the recommendation he could not wait his new positions and what would be waiting for him.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2382 - 2388 Engineer Delta Quadrant Station
2388 - Present Chief Engineer USS Columbus