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Faizah Negasi

Human Female

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Lieutenant Negasi




Faizah Negasi



Faizah is a women of quiet confidence, not shy about asserting her competence in a field, but neither will she claim a talent or skill she does not possess. She tends to be matter-of-fact, amiable enough with colleagues, but not really opening up until she gets to know an individual better.


Faizah was born an raised on the colony world of Adisu Kalokol, a world settled early in humanity’s initial expansion into space, primarily by families and individuals from Brazil and Eastern Africa.

Adisu Kalokol is noted for having a very temperate climate with little seasonal change. The asteroid belt is also rich in dilithium deposits, as well as other rare elements. The society of Adisu Kalokol maintains a balance of the mixed traditions of its original settlers as well as maintaining a cutting edge technological base. It is not uncommon then for a student at the colony world’s premier University to be delayed in attending a class in partial differential equations because she had to wait for a traditional herder toher flock out of her way.

Adisu Kalokol also has a slighter heavier gravity than Earth, as well as a thinner atmosphere.

Faizah grew up on the edge of the colony’s capital city, Wana Ketema. Her mother was Chief Ranger for Adeni Park, the planet’s largest nature preserve and chief tourist attraction. Her father was the government’s Director of the system’s space industries and off world mining operations.

The oldest of the three children of Negasi Yonas and Jamali Amada, Faizah’s childhood let her experience the best of both of the worlds that her planet had to offer. Although she happily participated in the three day rite of adulthood at the age of sixteen, and immersed herself in the various traditions transplanted from Earth to Adisu Kalokol by the original colonists, in the end she was more enamored with her father’s world than her mother’s. So it was no surprise that she applied for, and was accepted, by Starfleet Academy.

Faizah had expected the Academy to give her a good grounding for her future career as a Starfleet Engineer, which it did. What she hadn’t expected (and initially resented, but came to appreciate) was the various and diverse subjects that the Academy taughter her as well. By the time she graduated (with high honors in Engineering), she could discuss the Shallash epics, the morphology of oomycetes and the evolution of the Creation Lithographs with equal ease.

During the same time frame, the African Confederation extended an invitation to colony worlds whose original colonists were from the continent to participate in the African Games. Faizah represented her home world of Adisu Kalokol, winning four gold medals.

Faizah’s first assignment was an engineering officer aboard the USS Khufu. She proved herself as hard working and innovative officer, and even had a commendation placed in her record for developing a quicker and more efficient manner to replace duotronic circuitry with the newly developed isolinear circuitry.

After advancing to the position of Assistant Chief Engineer on the Khofu, her immediate felt it was time for Faizah to have her own ship and, with his recommendation, Faizah received the assignment of Chief Engineering Officer for the USS Abydos. She would be the last Chief Engineer for the fifty year old Miranda-class starship, as it was determined that it would be too labor and resource intensive to retrofit the Abydos with isolinear circuitry. Faizah would spend the last several months of her duty on the Abydos assisting in the decommissioning and mothballing of the starship, before being assigned as the Chief Engineer of the newly commissioned USS Nighthawk.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2313 - 2317 Cadet Starfleet Cadet
2317 - 2319 Engineering Officer USS Khufu
2319 - 2321 Assistant Chief Engineering Officer USS Khufu
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2321 - 2324 Chief Engineering Officer USS Abydos
2324 - Present Chief Engineering Officer USS Nighthawk