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Jenna Morgan

Human Female


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Lieutenant Morgan


USS Pinnacle


Jenna Morgan

March 15, 2367

Tellar Prime


Lieutenant Jenna Morgan, born on March 15, 2368, is a dedicated tactical officer in Starfleet. Known for her courage and sharp mind, she excels in combat and strategic planning, earning recognition for her leadership and tactical skills. Serving as the Tactical Officer aboard the USS Pinnacle, Jenna plays a vital role in the ship’s missions, guiding her team with confidence through challenging situations. Despite her confident demeanor, Jenna is also a compassionate leader who values teamwork and fosters camaraderie among her peers. Her commitment to duty and Starfleet’s principles make her a trusted and respected member of any team.


Jenna has sharp, angular features, accentuated by piercing ice-blue eyes known for their intense and focused gaze. She often ties her brown hair back in a ponytail, its dark color subtly contrasting with her light complexion. Standing slightly above average in height, Jenna boasts a well-toned and athletic build, a testament to her dedication to physical fitness.

She carries herself with purpose and determination, exuding confidence and assertiveness that command respect. Her uniform fits comfortably, maintaining a neat and well-maintained appearance, reflecting her professionalism as an officer.

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Lieutenant Jenna Morgan, a tactical officer with a personality as multifaceted as the challenges she faces in the depths of space. At first glance, Jenna embodies courage in its purest form. With a gaze as sharp as a phaser beam and a spine as unyielding as duranium, she fearlessly confronts the unknown with unwavering resolve. Whether leading a boarding party into the belly of a hostile vessel or standing firm in the face of diplomatic tension, Jenna’s bravery knows no bounds.

For Jenna, the struggle between duty and compassion is a constant source of conflict, a conflict that plays out in every decision she makes, every order she gives. As a tactical officer, she is trained to prioritize the mission above all else, to set aside personal feelings in favor of strategic necessity. And yet, there are moments when Jenna finds herself questioning the cost of such detachment, moments when she wonders if there is more to life than the relentless pursuit of victory.

It is a conflict that is only heightened by Jenna’s natural empathy and compassion, a side of herself she often struggles to reconcile with the demands of her role. For while she is adept at leading her team into battle, she is equally skilled at understanding the pain and suffering that war inflicts upon both friend and foe alike. It is a dichotomy that haunts her every waking moment, a reminder that in the midst of conflict there are always casualties, both seen and unseen.

And yet, despite the darkness that threatens to consume her, Jenna finds solace in the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that unite her with her fellow crewmates. In their company she finds a sense of belonging, a sense of purpose that transcends the chaos of battle and the uncertainties of life among the stars. It is a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, there is still light to be found in the warmth of human connection.


Early Life

Jenna Morgan was born on March 15, 2368, on Tellar Prime, a planet known for its diverse cultures and strong community bonds. Growing up in a close-knit family, Jenna was raised with values of honor, integrity, and service. Her childhood was filled with fond memories of outdoor adventures exploring the rugged terrain of Tellar Prime, from hiking through lush forests to stargazing beneath the twinkling night sky.

But amidst the idyllic beauty of Tellar Prime, Jenna also faced her share of challenges. As she matured, she encountered academic obstacles that tested her resolve and determination. Balancing her studies with her extracurricular activities proved to be a daunting task, requiring her to work tirelessly to overcome academic hurdles. In addition to her academic struggles, Jenna also grappled with questions of identity and self-discovery. Navigating the complexities of adolescence, she often found herself questioning her place in the world and wrestling with doubts about her future.

Despite the uncertainties that lay ahead, Jenna remained steadfast in her determination to carve out her own path. Inspired by tales of heroism and discovery, Jenna dreamed of joining Starfleet and exploring the vast expanse of space. With the unwavering support of her family and the encouragement of her mentors, she set her sights on attending Starfleet Academy, knowing that the journey would be challenging but determined to overcome any obstacles that stood in her way.

Starfleet Academy

Jenna entered Starfleet academy driven by a strong sense of duty and a desire to serve. Excelling in her studies, particularly in tactical operations, combat strategy, and leadership, she quickly distinguished herself as a top cadet. Known for her sharp intellect and quick thinking, Jenna thrived in the challenging academic environment, consistently earning top marks.

Outside of classes, Jenna actively engaged in extracurricular activities to further develop her skills and deepen her understanding of Starfleet’s mission. She joined tactical simulation teams to refine her combat abilities and participated in leadership development programs, assuming roles of increasing responsibility within student organizations.

Throughout her academy years, Jenna formed lasting friendships with fellow cadets, fostering a culture of collaboration and teamwork. Her natural leadership and unwavering dedication garnered respect from both peers and instructors.

Upon graduation, Jenna was recognized as one of the top cadets in her class, equipped with a strong foundation of knowledge and skills. Eager to begin her career in Starfleet, she looked forward to applying her training in service to the Federation.

USS Excalibur

Assigned as an Ensign to the USS Excalibur, a new Excalibur-class cruiser tasked with border patrol duties along the Federation-Klingon border, Jenna found herself thrust into the thick of action from the very beginning. The Excalibur’s missions were diverse and demanding, ranging from routine patrols to tense encounters with Sovereignty of Kahless forces. As a young officer eager to prove herself, Jenna embraced each new challenge with enthusiasm, her determination to excel matched only by her unwavering courage.

It was during her time aboard the Excalibur that Jenna first tasted the bitter sting of combat, a baptism by fire that would test her mettle like never before. Skirmishes with Sovereignty of Kahless raiders served as harsh lessons in the realities of life on the frontier, forcing Jenna to confront the brutal truths of war and the sacrifices it demanded.

Yet, amidst the chaos of battle, Jenna also found moments of camaraderie and connection—moments that would stay with her long after her time aboard the Excalibur had come to an end. Whether sharing stories with her fellow crewmates in the mess hall or standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them on the bridge, she forged bonds that would endure even in the face of adversity.

Starbase 12

Following her initial assignment aboard the Excalibur, Jenna was temporarily transferred to Starbase 12 for specialized training in tactical operations. She underwent rigorous instruction in advanced combat tactics, weapons systems management, and strategic planning, honing her skills and preparing herself for the challenges that lay ahead. Under the watchful eye of seasoned instructors and alongside fellow officers hungry for knowledge, Jenna thrived in the demanding environment of Starbase 12. The training was intense, the hours long, but she welcomed the opportunity to push herself to new limits, knowing that every lesson learned brought her one step closer to becoming the officer she aspired to be.

USS Sentinel

Lieutenant Jenna Morgan’s tenure aboard the USS Sentinel marked a pivotal chapter in her career, a time of trials and triumphs, of camaraderie forged in the crucible of conflict. As the assistant chief tactical officer, Jenna found herself thrust into the heart of the action, her skills and courage put to the test in the face of ever-present danger.

The USS Sentinel, a venerable vessel tasked with patrolling the volatile regions along the Federation-Klingon border, was no stranger to danger. In the midst of escalating tensions between the two powers, skirmishes with extremist Klingon faction forces became all too common. For Jenna these skirmishes were a baptism by fire, a trial by combat that would shape her into the seasoned officer she would become. Whether coordinating tactical responses during pitched battles or leading boarding parties into the heart of enemy vessels, she faced each new challenge with unwavering resolve, her determination to protect her ship and crew unwavering in the face of overwhelming odds.

But amidst the chaos of battle Jenna also found moments of clarity, moments when the true cost of war became all too apparent. As she watched the casualties mount and the toll of conflict weigh heavy on the hearts of her fellow crewmates, she found herself questioning the righteousness of their cause. Were they truly fighting for peace, or merely perpetuating the cycle of violence that threatened to consume them all? It was a question without easy answers, one that would haunt Jenna long after the echoes of battle had faded into the void. Despite the doubts that gnawed at her soul she remained steadfast in her commitment to her duty, to her ship, her crew, and the ideals for which they fought.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2387 - 2388 Tactical Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2388 - 2389 Tactical Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2389 - 2390 Tactical Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2390 - 2391 Tactical Operations Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2391 - 2393 Tactical Officer USS Excalibur
2393 - 2394 Tactical Operations Starbase 12
2394 - 2396 Assistant Chief Tactical Officer USS Sentinel
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2399 Chief Tactical Officer USS Phoenix
2399 - 2400 Intelligence Officer Starfleet Tactical Command
2400 - Present Chief Tactical Officer USS Pinnacle