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Ephriam Adrasin

3/4 Human, 1/4 Betazoid Cisgender Man


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Adrasin


Chief Science Officer
USS Hathaway




Ephriam Talo Adrasin




A gifted, outgoing, over-achiever and hopeless romantic. Ephriam Adrasin is the offspring of two accomplished Scientists but has worked hard to make his name known in the fields of astrophysics and temporal mechanics. He has quickly moved his way up the departmental leadership ladder and is known to be someone who inspires collaboration and transformational thinking in those he oversees.


A Caucasian male in appearance. Ephriam has a hard, toned and muscular build. He stands at around six feet tall. He appears a little bit older than his chronological age of twenty-six, but his eyes are bright, youthful and full of life. His body is adorned in various tattoos, a little addiction of his – which gives only the appearance of an edgier side to his character.

Created by Annex
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Ephriam has a bold, caring and outgoing personality. A genuine social butterfly. He plays just as hard as he works and can come accross slightly manic to those who do not know him well. He is a positive presence and treats those around him with unrelenting kindness. 

Ephriam has an uncanny ability to pick up on new skills and knowledge quickly, it has seen him have several early-career successes in the two scientific fields he holds dear to him. His colleagues and friends tend to think of him as being a bit of an over-achiever, although a most humble one.

His academic successes have seen him gain entry into the Vulcan Science Academy, where he is currently working on a dual doctorate of astrophysics and temporal mechanics – something he is balancing with his active Starfleet career. He takes his responsibilities and commitments seriously although can appear to come across as slightly laissez-faire to the unknowing eye.



Ephriam was born in 2373, to Aldas and Clarice Adrasin. Both accomplished and decorated Starfleet science officers, his mom with her doctorate in quantum mechanics and his father who specialized in cybernetics & biosynthetics. Due to the station of their fields, his parents were afforded the privilege of spending the vast majority of their careers on earth. Ephriam had a stable upbringing in a rural setting in Colorado.

From a young age, it was clear he was gifted and his parents took every opportunity to support his development and growth but only in alignment with what he wanted. Ephriam was self-motivated, ever curious and had a scientific drive and curiosity that saw him excel through grade school. While he took his academics seriously, he balanced this with an active social life and enjoyed playing sports competitively. He was always known to be the life of the party but seemed to be a natural leader as well, as he had been selected to lead several sports teams he participated in.

In 2385, when the ban on synthetics was established by the federation both of Ephriam’s parents resigned their commissions out of protest and moved into civilian research work and university teaching positions. Despite this, they never once discouraged their son’s ambition and desire to join the fleet and pursue his interests there.

Due to his academic successes, Ephriam was selected to compete for an early-standing program option at Starfleet Academy when he was sixteen. Although he placed high among the group, he was not the successful candidate. He took the whole experience well and still found it a valuable growing opportunity. It did not dampen his resolve nor change his mind is rebutmitting the following year, which led to confirmed admission.


Ephriam enjoyed his Academy days immensely. It allowed him both the opportunity to be satisfied intellectually and enjoy a busy and immersive social environment. During his third year of study, he partnered up with who was one of this most influential mentors, Commander Fasek. Commander Fasek at the time was a Vulcan astrophysics professor who took an interest in helping shape the talents of the young cadet. The two partnered together on some successful research – and Ephriam accompanied Fasek to present their work during his final year of starfleet academy study.

Throughout his academy years as well, Ephriam had several short-term relationships – none of which lasted long. It was a running joke with his friends that he ran just as hard in his relationships as he did in life, which could overwhelm his companions.

Upon graduating, Ephriam took his first posting on the USS Intrepid. Commander Fasek had insisted he enroll in graduate studies and maintain his research duties as well. While emerging as a young officer, Ephriam completed his own independent graduate research towards the end of his assignment time on Intrepid. He was cited for his natural leadership abilities and positive work ethic.

In 2397, Ephriam took a posting on Starbase 288 to work again with Commander Fasek on some theoretical modeling. He also received his promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. During the end of their year working together,  Ephriam was presented with the opportunity to assume a leadership role on the USS Enceladus as their Assistant Chief Science Officer, their Chief Science Officer was a trusted colleague of Fasek.

Ephriam thrived in his role on the USS Enceladus and grew quite close to his department and the crew. Commander Fasek even joined the team for some small stints of time. In 2400, Ephriam decided to pursue his doctorate studies and was accepted into a distance program through the Vulcan science academy. There was a conscious decision on his part to pursue studies part-time and maintain his starfleet duties in tandem as the Enceladus was headed on a deep space exploratory mission for a year.

During the Borg attack on Starbase One in 2401, the Enceladus was unaffected by signal due to their position in deep space – however, Ephriam was still deeply wounded from the ordeal as Commander Fasek was a casualty on the Starbase as a result of the attack from the fleet. The Enceladus was ordered to return immediately. Ephriam was promoted to Lieutenant and offered his own science department on the USS Hathaway.

It was a bitter-sweet moment in his career, he was still devastated from the loss of his mentor but equally excited to have the opportunity to lead his own department on a Sagan class vessel. He accepted the posting with the caveat that he could still continue his doctoral studies.

Ephriam joined in crew of the Hathaway and has been on board for several months. He was chief science officer when the Deneb sector incident took place and remains in his posting under the ship’s new Command.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2391 - 2392 First Year Cadet Starfleet Academy
2392 - 2393 Second Year Cadet Starfleet Academy
2393 - 2394 Third Year Cadet Starfleet Academy
2394 - 2395 Fourth Year Cadet Starfleet Academy
2395 - 2397 Science Officer USS Intrepid
2397 - 2398 Science Officer Starbase 288
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2398 - 2401 Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Enceladus
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Science Officer USS Hathaway