Theo Barrington's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commander

    • Since coming on as TF47's executive officer Lieutenant Commander Theo Barrington, aka Heidi, has been a consistent and positive presence within our task force. And since receiving the Star for Distinguished Service back in December 2022, Heidi has continued to be a constant presence within the task force, cheerleading members and being around to help and support people when possible.

      Since coming back to Bravo Fleet in October 2022, Heidi has earned a grand total of 112 Service Ribbons with the fantastically written crew of the USS Resolute, which I highly suggest everyone give a read. She's also competed in a grand total of 11 competitions, earning an Action Medal with Moon Cluster in the process. And she organised the 'Twas the night before Christmas' competition as well, which every competition organised is always well appreciated. Heidi has also undertaken and achieved both the New Member Program and the Fiction Writing Program, which helps magnificently when new members join and have questions. It shows a level of commitment to go and undertake these courses in order to better learn the way things are done within the fleet and to then be better equipped to help when new people join our community.

      For all of these efforts and Heidi's fantastic presence and help with TF47, I nominated her for the Star for Distinguished Service back in December. It was well deserved! Now I'd like to take things one step further!

      Heidi has now been the Executive Officer of Task Force 47 now for over three months and during that time we've had the Blood Dilithium campaign and launched our TF's Priority Mission, of which Heidi's input while coming up with ideas for the theme and refinement of was critical to ensuring we got the fantastic premise we have. Her feedback and contributions were critical at all stages of refinement and I know I wouldn't have achieved as brilliant a start without her contribution. She's also a fantastic presence in our task forge lounge, always chipping into conversations, greeting new members and helping to keep things flowing. And continuing with her writing and competition organisation, Heidi earned 27 Service Ribbons and organised another competition.

      For Heidi's amazing support as Task Force 47 Executive Officer, for her continued fantastic presence as a Bravo Fleet member and for her fantastic contributions to the fleet as a whole, I'd like to nominate Heidi to the rank of Commander within Bravo Fleet. I can't wait to see what she gets up to and look forward to continued and productive collaboration with her!
    18 February 2023
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • For active participation above and beyond in the Osiris Initiative prelaunch event!

    24 April 2020