• Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Kelvin Benedict Walker, or Skye as we have come to know him on Discord, has integrated himself into the fleet exceptionally quickly. It feels like only yesterday that I was reading his first postings in the lounge and celebrating his transition through the cadet ranks. They say time flies, but for Skye it has strapped on a pair of jet engines and rocketed past as he now jumps to the first of our senior ranks with all the benefits, rights and privileges thereof.

      Since joining us in early October, Skye has been industrious in his writing and gaming efforts. 42 Service Ribbons makes for a significant tally, along with a healthy clutch of 40 Strategic Action Ribbons. This more than doubles the promotion criteria of 20 for each of these ribbons. Not limiting himself to mere sartorial ribbon-chasing pursuits, Skye has also chosen to invest wisely in his Bravo Fleet education! He has successfully passed through our Academy’s character creation programme, and in doing so has generated an excellent character biography for his titular character; Lieutenant Commander Kevin Benedict Walker himself. Additionally, he has listed 8 characters on BFMS and reached level 10 on discord.

      So well done, Skye. It’s now time to shed the Raven-class that has marked your embryonic stages within the fleet and enjoy the process of picking out your new ship from the registry!
    29 November 2022
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • Storytelling is a skill every Starfleet officer must hone if they hope to captain a starship of their own. Be it necessary to inspire a young crew or bewilder an adversary, storytelling is what separates the Picards from the Jellicos. Kelvin Benedict Walker (aka skye on the discord) only joined Bravo Fleet a little over a month ago and yet he’s already flown off to the deepest corners of the delta quadrant to explore the myriad adventures in the fleet. He has been rounding out the crew of his Raven-class starship, the USS Kison, by adding additional characters and telling their tales. Kelvin is driven to tell as many stories as he can in this era of his characters’ lives, even taking a spin through the current Bravo Fleet Campaign, Blood Dilithium.

      Through it all, Kelvin continues to represent BF with honour through his task force operations in Star Trek Online, earning a bevy of ribbons. He has become a mainstay of the community on the discord, sharing his excitement for his achievements and explorations along the way.

      By listing at least 3 characters in BFMS, earning at least 12 service ribbons, earning at least 12 strategic action ribbons and reaching at least level 6 on the discord, Kelvin has met the criteria for his next promotion. Please join me in congratulating Kelvin Benedict Walker in his promotion to lieutenant!
    09 November 2022
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • It’s been nearly a month since Kelvin Benedict Walker joined Bravo Fleet and he hasn’t slowed down since. Kelvin has been enriching his experiences as a junior officer and making the most of what the fleet has to offer. Kelvin continues to be a friendly presence in the task force lounge, sharing his adventures and curiosity for the wider world of Star Trek. As an ensign, Kelvin has taken command of the Raven-class USS Kison and has begun writing the stories of the ship’s young commanding officer, all while he continues gaming with Star Trek Online. All in all, he’s been earning a flurry of worthy ribbons in the past couple of weeks!

      For earning at least 8 service ribbons, for earning at least 8 strategic action ribbons and for reaching level 5 on Bravo Fleet’s discord server, I hereby nominate Kelvin Benedict Walker for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. Excellent progress!
    01 November 2022
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • It’s been great to see Skye Benjamin hit the ground running since joining BF this October. Not only have they made a good start with clocking up some gaming ribbons, they’ve also immersed themselves in the Bravo Fleet community by making themselves known on Discord. To top it off, Skye has passed the Academy New Member Program with flying colours in what I’m sure is a sign of things to come. In summary: For earning 5 Strategic Action ribbons, reaching level 3 on the BF Discord, completing the New Member Program and authenticating your Discord account, Skye Benjamin I hereby promote you to the rank of Ensign. Here’s to Bravo Fleet’s newest officer!
    25 October 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • For earning at least 1 strategic action ribbon!
    23 October 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    • For joining Bravo Fleet's Star Trek Online Fleet! Welcome aboard!
    08 October 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    • For reaching at least level 1 on the discord! All hailing frequencies open!!
    07 October 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    06 October 2022