Clara Myers's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Captain

    • When it comes to rank, the one that most people aspire to reach is the rank of Captain. It is the rank that is portrayed as “being in command” when it comes to starships in the Trek universe, putting an individual in that illustrious captain’s chair. For a member of Bravo Fleet to reach such a milestone, they will undoubtedly have accrued a substantial amount of activity, possibly even venturing into leadership roles as Commander Clara Myers has demonstrated. In January 2021, Clara was awarded a Star Cross for their five months of service as Task Force 72’s Commanding Officer. They were recognized for the games they oversaw and promoted, the engagement within the Task Force membership that they rallied and their lore contributions leading to the creation of new wiki content that would serve to benefit the entire fleet. Since then, they also earned an additional 6 Service Ribbons for approximately 1,500 words of solo fiction on their primary command USS Amundsen. As Task Force 72’s current Commanding Officer, for his contributions outlined above, it is my pleasure to nominate my predecessor of the role for promotion to the rank of Captain. Congratulations!
    02 November 2022
  • Promoted to Commander

    • Chris has been the TFCO of Task Force 72 for over a month now, and in that time he has led his staff to a revitalization of 72 canon. He personally rewrote the Cardassian Union canon, has shifted priorities towards more canon aspects, and has helped lead his task force to continued success and activity. Before that he served as 72XO where he started the work that he continued onto as TFCO. It isn’t a stretch to say that in the past two months, Chris has completely changed and revitalized 72! Congratulations on your promotion, and keep up the great work!

    11 July 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    23 April 2020