Jackson Porter's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Captain

    • It's time for another Captain to take his place among our ranks. The distinction of Captain is something special to have. Those 4 pips say a lot about the dedication of a member to Bravo Fleet. For Jackson, it is no different. Captain shows not only a huge commitment but a huge milestone. If we look at Star Trek the rank of Captain is the most prestigious rank that any officer aspires to reach. Also as the final rank before a flag officer, this rank shows a level of activity and decorum above the rest!

      I am thrilled to be nominating Jackson for this rank. I have no doubt he will continue to pour into our community helping others realize just what an amazing community Bravo Fleet is.

      Since he joined us 2 years ago our bacon loving Jackson has been an active member even with the real-life duties he holds. Jackson has been a boon of activity; the numbers prove just that! To truly be successful it is imperative to be active in all facets of the fleet. It is paramount to rising through the ranks and a huge part of any member's success.

      He has earned 43 service ribbons from his participation in the writing of his own ship the USS Solstice. He has also received 57 Strategic Action Ribbons and 7 Campaign Ribbons from his active gaming submissions, which shows just the trail he has blazed in the aspect of Gaming in Bravo Fleet. He has also become a Staff Assistant in Gaming and I am excited to see what he will add to the position.

      He has participated in both Fleet Actions earning himself 9 Echoes of the Tkon Challenge Coins and 5 Sundered Wings Challenge Coins. He has also earned 2 Stars for Distinguished Service from the aforementioned activity. Since his most recent merit award, Jackson received the Starfleet Medal of Commendation. These awards also show just how active Jackson is when it comes to competitions and events that the Fleet holds.

      It is truly an honor to ascend to the rank of Captain and now we have another great joining us! Jackson has done extraordinary and the activity above shows just that. Jackson, it is my privilege to recommend you for the promotion to Captain. As your TFCO I have seen the hard work and dedication you have put in and now it is time to earn what you so well deserve. I can't wait to see everything else you will do. Enjoy the new ship and perks that come with Captain!

      Congratulations! I hope you love this promotion more than bacon or cigars!
    03 September 2022
  • Promoted to Commander

    • Andrew aka Trumpetmaster29 has consistently been a pillar of the community in Task Force 86 and maintains an active presence throughout the fleet. He can always be relied upon to lighten the mood and display a great deal of positivity in all of his interactions, maintaining an atmosphere of fun in our community that gives us all a reason to keep coming back here!

      At the helm of Task Group 64 for a good while now, Andrew has grown in his role. Since I became TF86CO in April, he has been nothing but enthusiastic in adapting to the new demands of the TGCO job. I have no doubt that Andrew will continue to be a consistent and steady hand as we develop the Task Force lore to its full potential.

      Andrew’s achievements since his last promotion on August 19th, 2020 have been notable indeed. His impressive list of accolades spans 24 Service Ribbons, 8 Duty Ribbons, 3 Strategic Action Ribbons, 4 Action Medals with Planet Clusters, 2 Action Medals with Star Clusters, 4 Action Medals with Galaxy Clusters, and of course 2 Meritorious Service Crosses. In addition to all this, Andrew has also run two Borg-themed writing competitions in April. These achievements represent a serious amount of activity along with commendable dedication to the fleet.

      All this comes on top of Andrew’s pioneering journey as the first Bravo Fleet Member to have been promoted from Cadet through to Lieutenant Commander when the current Bravo Fleet organisational structure was in its infancy. It is therefore a privilege for me to add another step to that journey by promoting him to the rank of Commander.

      Thank you, Andrew, above all for helping to make our little corner of Bravo Fleet as energetic and vibrant as it is!

      ~Captain Felrak Vordenna, Task Force 86 Commanding Officer

    22 June 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Promotion Activity:

      • Reached Level 7 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
      • Placed in 3 Bravo Fleet competitions
      • Earned 80 Strategic Action Ribbons
      • Created a well-developed biography for their character
      • Earned a Recognition Award (Starfleet Medal of Commendation, 19 August 2020)
    19 August 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • For the following promotion activities:

      • Listed 3 characters on BFMS
      • Placed in a Bravo Fleet competition
      • Earned a Recognition Award
    12 June 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • Promotion Activity:

      • Reached level 14 on the BF Discord
    04 June 2020
  • Promoted to Ensign

    18 May 2020
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    18 May 2020
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    10 May 2020
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    10 May 2020
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    08 May 2020