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Muninn Musgrave's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • Battlefield promotion for Phase I of Fleet Action III: Sundered Wings!
    12 June 2022
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • When one looks at a member such as Muninn Musgrave, one can't help but notice the incredible amount of activity they have demonstrated in such a short period of time. It has also become a case where one doesn't enter a Discord channel without running into Muninn's presence. They have become a very active member of the Task Force, and the fleet as a whole and it is my pleasure to be working with them.

      For meeting the criteria of authenticating their Discord account, completing the New Member Program in the Bravo Fleet academy, following the Bravo Fleet account on Twitter and earing at least 5 Service Ribbons, it is my pleasure to nominate Muninn Musgrave for promotion to the rank of Ensign. Congratulations!
    09 June 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • For joining their first RPG, Starbase Bravo, with their character Muninn Musgrave
    06 June 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    06 June 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    • For reaching Level 1 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server
    05 June 2022
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    02 June 2022