Etah's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

    • Since coming over to TF17 Etah has definently met the requirements for promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. With a very well written and detailed character background and engagement on Discord, Etah is a contributing member of TF17. Thanks as well to following BF on social media! It really does help to get the exposure to help grow the fleet! I look forward to seeing more activity from you mate and what you can uniquely bring to Bravo Fleet and Task Force 17!
    05 December 2021
  • Promoted to Ensign

    • + Completed the Bravo Fleet New Member Program on 10/5/21 + Reached Level 3 on the Bravo Fleet Discord Server on 10/7/21 + Joined the Bravo Fleet STO fleet on 10/13/21 Etah has quickly become an active and contributing member of the Fleet. We look forward to seeing what Etah will contribute in the future - congratulations and good luck Ensign!
    14 October 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

    • Completed one Bravo Fleet Academy Assignment: Bravo Fleet Structure Quiz on 10/5/21
    07 October 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

    • Participated in the Admiral Wolf Puzzle Competition!
    07 October 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

    • Reached level 1 on BF's discord server on 10/5/21
    07 October 2021
  • Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade

    05 October 2021