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Liam Dahlgren's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Vice Admiral

    • Rear Admiral Aubrey Seagraves, aka David the Bravo Fleet Operations Officer, has been an absolute powerhouse of Bravo Fleet. David has been involved in nearly every facet of the fleet since his last promotion in April of 2020. He is incredibly involved in all Command discussions; he has the initiative and vision to begin and work on projects that the fleet didn’t even know it needed, always improving our community overall. On top of that, David is an absolute delight to work with and helps the overall cohesion of the fleet whether it's through his interactions with Bravo Fleet Command, leading the Operations team consisting of all the TF staff, or managing the newcomers to our organization — David is always an extremely helpful and delightful person to have in Bravo Fleet!

      However, even as a participating member, David excels above and beyond what would be expected of him as a leader. Since his last promotion, David has accumulated 47 Duty Ribbons, 367 Service Ribbons, 270 Strategic Action Ribbons, 12 Campaign Ribbons, 2 Action Medals with Planet Cluster, and 4 Action Medals with Galaxy Cluster. Additionally, David has earned through the merit of his work 1 Star for Distinguished Service and 1 Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

      As a leader, since his last promotion, David has served as Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Forces 9, 38, and 72, spending most of that time pulling double duty as Bravo Fleet Operations Officer. In his capacity as Operations Officer, David has helped to shepherd and mentor our TFCOs we have today into one of the best groups I have ever served with going back two decades! Under his direction, the TFCOs have been able to produce amazing results in all aspects of their task force — lore, activity, competitions, writing, you name it! David’s most recent example of his leadership and mentorship of the TFCOs was sitting as 72CO temporarily, mentoring Kit, the 72XO and a veteran of Bravo Fleet, into the “new way” of doing things. Because of that mentorship, Kit is now the 72CO!

      As Operations Officer, David has greatly increased the quality of our roleplaying games as well as the ease of entry into running and joining them. David has set up every single RPG website since he became Operations Officer, tutored and mentored all the new GMs, and helped those roleplay games become incredibly successful. He’s also created the premade program, which has helped to increase ease of access even more than before!

      Additionally, David has spearheaded his own little project revamping the Bravo Fleet Academy. While still in its infancy, David has created the building blocks of what will eventually be a full-fledged Academy. But for now, David honed in on creating a New Member Program which has really improved our ability to get new members acclimated to Bravo Fleet, its differences from other groups out there, and made new members more comfortable with Bravo Fleet’s changes. Because of David, his New Member Program, and his direct interaction with new members, since he took over as Operations Officer in April of 2020, Bravo Fleet has converted 38 people from new member cadets to ensign! This isn’t even counting the people who were already members of Bravo Fleet who David has also helped move up the ranks and interact with Bravo Fleet as a whole.

      David has also been an invaluable member of the Specs Team, creating many of the ship articles you can see on the Wiki today as well as auxiliary articles on different parts of personal and starship technologies; all for the use of our members and ease of knowledge!

      Congratulations David, this is well earned!
    04 September 2021
  • Promoted to Rear Admiral

    • David somewhat reluctantly agreed to step back into the TFCO role when we were determining what to do with 38. I won’t lie, there had been some discussion of completely shutting 38 down and revisiting it at a later time. It was almost empty, the canon was all over the place, it was a mess. David came in and, until recently, almost single-handily rebuilt 38 from the ground up. We gave him a direction we wanted to go, and what we were looking to get out of 38. It was a vision he shared with us 100% and he ran with it. Now, 38 is one of the most active task forces and David has built a powerhouse of a staff in their little corner of the galaxy. But David has gone above and beyond his own corner as a TFCO and has done invaluable work throughout the fleet to prepare for this relaunch from assisting canon in other corners, to being one of the main drivers of the ships review that is currently going on.

    25 April 2020
  • Promoted to Commodore

    21 April 2020