07 June 2021
Promoted to Ensign

For participating in three competitions, joining the USS Altai, and completing the Bravo Fleet Academy’s New Member Program, I am pleased to promote Hladson Kappler to the rank of Ensign. Congratulations and welcome to Task Force 86, Ensign!

-RADM Aubrey Seagraves, Bravo Fleet Operations Officer

05 June 2021
Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

Participated in two competitions: Fourth Fleet Diplomatic Operations Task Force Slide and The Legend of Goval

05 June 2021
Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

Reached Level 1 on the Bravo Fleet Discord server.

01 June 2021
Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

Completed one Bravo Fleet Academy assignment.

31 May 2021
Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade