Sam Aubrey's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Commander

    • What can I say about SamAubrey, he is a great asset to Task Force 93 as well as Bravo Fleet. He has been an active member on the USS Cygnus as well as the USS Shanghai, and recently took command of a game set in the 3100’s that has a unique story to tell. Between them, he has gotten 43 duty ribbons, he has also participated in 5 competitions and placing in those 5 he entered. He is also a member of the Lore’s Office and is a very active member assisting our Loremaster in whatever might need to be done. Because of his work whether it be behind the scenes or in the games he participates in, he is deserving of this promotion to the rank of Commander.

      — Captain Azras Dex, Task Force 93 Commanding Officer

      SamAubrey has been a committed and helpful member of the Lore Office over recent months, earning a Medal of Achievement for his work. These contributions have been an essential part of the new Bravo Fleet wiki, where he has written multiple important articles and provided key editing and proof-reading assistance with many more. As Loremaster, I am happy to support his promotion.

      — RAdm Alexander Beckett, Loremaster

    23 March 2021
  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

    • Placed in 3 Competitions
      Listed 5 Characters on BFMS
      Joined the Lore Office, Cannon Team
      Earbed 10 Legion of Honor Awards
      Created a well-developed bio for one of his characters

    01 December 2020
  • Promoted to Lieutenant

    • Join a second Bravo Fleet game – USS Cygnus:
      Placed in a Bravo Fleet competition
      Earned 12 Legion of Honor awards

    18 November 2020
  • 19 April 2020