24 October 2020
Promoted to Commander

I am writing to request that dwpatterson85 (Dave) be promoted from Lieutenant Commander to Commander, having today reached two months since his last promotion. He has been immeasurably helpful in TF9, especially when it comes to his timely submission of activity ribbons (even reminding me to record my own each month when I invariably forget) and for his work to get the rest of the TF to submit theirs. He has submitted activity for the Task Force, in large part if not in entirely, since May. In addition, he has served as proof-of-concept for the premade game system, running the Cygnus very well indeed over the last few months, while also taking on the TFXO’s responsibility when the previous officeholders changed positions.

In the realm of personal activity, he has earned 32 Legions of Honor and 3 Service Ribbons for his own personal writing activity. He has also been active entering competitions, even earning an Action Medal w/ Star Cluster for his efforts. In total, his work also saw him awarded a Meritorious Service Cross.

Dave’s continued activity seems certain, and I think he is deserving of this recognition, especially in light of his quite apparent path towards the BFA.

19 August 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Promotion Activity:

  • Reached Level 7 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
  • Listed five characters on BFMS
  • Earned a Recognition Award (Starfleet Medal of Commendation, 19 August 2020)
  • Served as a Task Force staff member
  • Created a well-developed biography for their character
17 July 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant

Promotion Activity:

  • Reached Level 6 on the Bravo Fleet Discord
  • Listed 3 characters on the BFMS
  • Created a well-developed biography for their character
  • Served as a TF Staff Member (TF9CoS)
21 April 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade