22 February 2021
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander

Based on the following criteria, it is my pleasure to submit a recommendation for the promotion of Angel to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. During her tenure in Bravo Fleet, Angel has been a constant presence on the Fleet discord channel, achieving Rank 7 thanks to her consistent interactions with other members of the Fleet. In addition to her presence on the forum, Angel has also been a prolific writer in the Fleet, earning well over 10 Duty Ribbons for her contributions to the various games she is apart of. With that comes a large number of characters being added to the BFMS, five of them to be exact. And each of them is intricately written, which more than satisfies the condition for them to be well-developed. And lastly, Angel has accepted a position within Task Force 72, as our Task Group 21 Commanding Officer, a position she has taken to and already left a noticeable mark while performing the duties that were asked of her. For these reasons, I feel confident that Angel has more than earned this recommendation for advancement, and she will only continue to grow and advance as time goes on.

Captain Jonathan A. Bastin
Task Force 72 Commanding Officer

19 December 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant
  • Reach Level 6 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server
  • List three (3) characters on BFMS
  • Join a Bravo Fleet Department as a staff member (Deputy, Staff Officer, or Staff Assistant)
  • Earn a Merit Award.
09 November 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Reach Level 5 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server
Placed in Ferengi Flash Fiction Competition
Joined a second Bravo Fleet game

13 October 2020
Promoted to Ensign

-Reached Level 4 on Discord
-Joined the USS Avenger: https://avenger.bravofleet.com/index.php/personnel/character/8
-Joined BF STO Fleet

13 October 2020
Promoted to Cadet Senior Grade

-Reached Level 3 on Discord

13 October 2020
Promoted to Cadet Junior Grade

Joined the USS Kennedy: https://kennedy.bravofleet.com/index.php/personnel/character/10

05 October 2020
Promoted to Cadet Sophomore Grade

Reached Level 1 on Discord

30 September 2020
Promoted to Cadet Freshman Grade