Jason Hawk's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Rear Admiral

    • Thrace joined the BFA in August of last year as a returning TFCO of TF93; he has served in the position before, but I would say that no tenure of his has ever been as successful as his current! Thrace helped lead TF93 from what could be considered the brink of implosion due to the mismanagement and human resources management of the previous administration before him.

      I think the current state of Task Force 93 speaks for itself. In the lead up to 2399, Thrace was put in a precarious position where we all knew that TF93 would be the most directly affected by Star Trek: Picard. Thrace was able to successfully navigate that storm, and on the other end came out to help develop the current Romulan canon we have now including Devron Fleet Yards and the three-state Romulan peoples. Since then, games have been springing out of TF93 which expand upon this canon and the task force’s relation to Picard. Thrace is constantly pushing the boundaries of what TF93 can do, encouraging his members to participate and be involved, and is one of the most helpful BFA members we have!

      Add to all of that, Thrace led Task Force 93 to become the overall winning task force in Bravo Fleet’s first official Fleet Action: The Raptor’s Wings! This is no small feat, and his drive and dedication to make Bravo Fleet a better place is some of the best we have in the entire fleet. 

      I’m very happy to congratulate Thrace on his promotion to rear admiral!

      — FAdm Teylas Ramar, BFCO

    09 June 2020
  • Promoted to Commodore

    17 April 2020