KyleB's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Rear Admiral

    • Kyle first came onto the BFA as the Task Force 64 Commanding Officer where he was given the precarious job of balancing all of the pre-2399 timelines in harmony with one another. Before that, Kyle served as TF64XO since January, essentially “in training” to the 64CO position and effectively running the day to day operations of the task force. As TF64CO, Kyle helped to both clean out old ideas and help bring new ones to the forefront of 64. In the waning days of 64, Kyle was a pivotal key in the formation and development of what is now The Holodeck.

      Now, Kyle is the newly minted TFCO of a newly reactivated Task Force 86 where Kyle is overseeing, and has helped develop, massive amounts of canon for TF86 including the Klingon arc, the Gorn revamp, and the complete development for the first time in BF history of the Orions.

      On top of all of his duties as TFCO of 64 and now 86, Kyle also recently did a complete overhaul of the Bravo Fleet map using the template that James Arnhem originally created. This revamped map helps to shape up what Bravo Fleet canon has become since our jump to 2399 and as a clearer picture has evolved. Kyle worked with the BFA, and continues to do so, to develop the overall map and several smaller, more focused maps for each task force.

      For all that you do and your effective leadership as a TFCO, congratulations on your promotion to rear admiral!

      — FAdm Teylas Ramar, BFCO

    09 June 2020
  • Promoted to Commodore

    23 April 2020