25 April 2020
Promoted to Rear Admiral

David somewhat reluctantly agreed to step back into the TFCO role when we were determining what to do with 38. I won’t lie, there had been some discussion of completely shutting 38 down and revisiting it at a later time. It was almost empty, the canon was all over the place, it was a mess. David came in and, until recently, almost single-handily rebuilt 38 from the ground up. We gave him a direction we wanted to go, and what we were looking to get out of 38. It was a vision he shared with us 100% and he ran with it. Now, 38 is one of the most active task forces and David has built a powerhouse of a staff in their little corner of the galaxy. But David has gone above and beyond his own corner as a TFCO and has done invaluable work throughout the fleet to prepare for this relaunch from assisting canon in other corners, to being one of the main drivers of the ships review that is currently going on.

21 April 2020
Promoted to Commodore