24 March 2021
Promoted to Lieutenant

I hereby nominate the user THX1188 for promotion to Lieutenant for the following. During his tenure as a Lieutenant JG, THX1188 has contributed to a wide variety of games, leading to his being award no less than 8 Duty Ribbons for his contributions. These contributions were made by the the many characters that have been listed on the BFMS, more than 3 by the time of this recommendation, which more than satisfies the requirement. The biographies presented on the BFMS are of excellent quality, showing that he has taken a great deal of time and effort to craft them. Lastly, his membership in multiple games shows that he is dedicated to the success of multiple gaming endeavors throughout the Fleet. IT is for these reasons that I make the recommendation to promote this individual to Lieutenant.

Capt. Jonathan A. Bastin
Commanding Officer, Task Force 72

21 April 2020
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade