Conor Starke's Rank Record

  • Promoted to Fleet Captain

    • Since becoming the Bravo Fleet Chief of Staff, Slagar has been an invaluable member of the BFA both in his position and the BFA at large. There isn’t a discussion that is had within the BFA or BF Command that doesn’t get a positive gain from Slagar’s input. As OCS, he recently finished a complete review and partial overhaul of the award system as well as a complete overhaul of the cadet and junior officer progression system. This is on top of his regular duties as Chief of Staff which require the daily processing of awards, ribbons, promotions, and competitions in the current BFMS which is not an easy task by any stretch! For all of his hard work over the past 10 months, I’m happy to promote Slagar as our very first fleet captain in Bravo Fleet!

    02 January 2021
  • Promoted to Captain

    07 April 2020