Fleet Captain


Promotion Criteria

Time in Previous Rank
12 months
Nomination Process
Only Task Force Commanding Officers/ Department Heads and above can nominate someone to the rank of fleet captain.
Below is what considered when a nomination is under review by the Chief of Staff.
  • The fourth and final senior officer rank, fleet captain, is the highest rank that does not require service in a staff position. Members holding this rank are exemplars of strong activity and mentorship that others may look to for guidance. Promotion to this rank is obtained through exceptional personal activity and/or service to the organization over a sustained period of time, and will take most members at least a year beyond captain to obtain. Successful nominations to this rank generally are for members who have obtained multiple Merit and/or Recognition Awards as captains.
  • Leadership through recruitment, mentoring, staff positions held, and measurable project work will count highly in OCS considerations of nominations. Consistency in activity and/or service must be seen across the TIG; if a member spends some time in the Reserves or does not demonstrate measurable activity for a period of time, they should demonstrate consistent activity equivalent to the full TIG before they are nominated for promotion to fleet captain. Meeting the TIG does not mean that a member will be automatically nominated for this rank, as it will take someone with less activity longer to demonstrate their suitability for promotion.

Managed By the

Office of the Chief of Staff

This service is managed by the Office of the Chief of Staff. If you have questions about this service, please contact an office staff member.