Promotion Criteria

Time in Previous Rank
12 months
Nomination Process
Only members of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff can nominate someone to the rank of commodore
Below is what considered when a nomination is under review by the Chief of Staff.
  • Promotions to Commodore are decided on a case-by-case basis.
  • Holding a leadership position in Bravo Fleet is an important achievement for a member, and it also serves as an important marker for evaluating member progress by the Chief of Staff. We do recognize that direct unit leadership is not always possible, either through a lack of opportunity, or a desire to do something else. This should not adversely hamper a member's chances for promotion. Nevertheless, by the time someone is eligible for this rank, the promotee must be currently active in a leadership position. Therefore some form of equivalencies between positions is required, based on the notion that the member is successful and active in their role. The equivalencies are:
    • - At least 9 months or more as a Department Staff Officer
    • - At least 6 months or more as a Task Force Executive Officer/Deputy Department Head;
    • - At least 4 months or more as a Task Force Commanding Officer;
    • - At least 2 months or more as a Department Head.

    There are other positioned and non-positioned activities that a member can engage in that are in keeping with the spirit of the above. These include (but are not limited) to: working and actively contributing to the large-scale projects, working on the Bravo Fleet wiki and mentoring members to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. It is important that members wishing to progress start to engage in activities that move beyond that of a competing (and even winning) regular member - but that work need not be a position - so long as it is demonstrated that they have contributed to the greater good of the organization.
  • The Chief of Staff looks at the whole record of the prospective promotee including, but not limited to:
    • - competitions entered and organized;
    • - fiction and role-playing contributions;
    • - gaming activity;
    • - academy activity;
    • - service as a mentor;
    • - medals earned;
    • - projects completed;
    • - leadership, both in formal and informal roles; and,
    • - administrative experience in a department and/or task force staff work.

    The latter two often hold a greater weight with each subsequent rank. It should be noted that activity, staff work, and projects already recognized by medals following the most recent promotion directly counts in the consideration of senior officer promotions. How one interacts within the larger organization and develops good relationships with others also plays a role as it represents one's growth and maturity in the club. Strive to establish your strengths and never be afraid to test your weaknesses.
  • There is no clean path toward a senior officer promotion, no absolute rules or expectations. Be active. If you want to know what you can do, speak to a member of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff and ask what projects you could take lead on At this rank, it is expected that the promotee is already established as a leader within our group. Leadership is evaluated based on consistency, achievements, and the satisfaction of your superiors.
  • The Chief of Staff encourages members to keep personal activity logs that can be shared with your leaders periodically. Members should continue to record activity not otherwise evident on their dossiers, such as competitions organized and entered, significant staff work completed (including projects) and any other matters that cannot be recorded (this does not include your current discord level). Leaders looking to submit an officer promotion are encouraged to first contact the Chief of Staff to determine the member’s eligibility while consulting the writing recommendations examples.
  • If you are striving to earn commodore, look at other members who hold that rank as an example of how they earned it. Commodore may be earned by sustained activity over a period of months. Those who go the furthest are the ones who work together for the betterment of the group.

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