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Lieutenant (grade O-3) is a junior officer rank in Starfleet. Officers earn this rank after completing a full tour at Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Promotion Criteria

Complete five (5) of the following (other than required):

  • Two weeks at Lieutenant Junior Grade (required)
  • Reach Level 55 on Bravo Fleet’s Discord server
  • Write 60 (sixty) posts on Bravo Fleet games
  • List five (5) characters on BFMS
  • Participate in fifty (50) Bravo Fleet competitions
  • Place (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) in three (3) Bravo Fleet competitions
  • Nominate a fellow member for an award
  • Organize or co-organize three (3) Bravo Fleet competition
  • Join a Bravo Fleet Department as a staff member (specs, awards, canon, academy, gfx, software, faculty, social media)
  • Serve as a task force level staff member
  • Earn a Merit Award. This can count two times if you earn two merit medals
  • Create a well developed biography for your character (as determined by the Chief of Staff)

Rank Holders