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Legion of Merit #1

May 25, 2023
Reva Sarrik likes her competitions. Like really likes her competitions. And she's good at them too! The collection of Action Medals she's earned since her last promotion is a testament to that statement. With 46 competition entries over the last two years, Reva has managed to earn herself a grand total of 3 Action Medals with Comet Cluster, 8 Action Medals with Moon Cluster, 10 Action Medals with Planet Cluster, 8 Action Medals with Star Cluster and to top it all off 3 Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster. That's 32 placings out of 46 entries! When Reva enters a competition, she's in it to win it!

But she's not just a consumer of the competitions that are on offer, she's also a keen organiser of competitions too! Since she came back to us from the Reserves in December 2022, joining Task Force 47 which we're grateful for, she's been active in giving back, organising no less than 7 competitions of her own, each one an amazing and well-received puzzle going by the entries!

And she's been a keen writer as well with her fiction, the USS Cardiff, wracking up a total of 29 Service Ribbons as of late, getting into the swing of things. I know I've enjoyed her writing and I hope everyone else gives her stuff a good read. And going back some time she also has a Duty Ribbon to her name. Here's hoping we can get Reva back into the swing of things in the near future folks! And let's not forget the Medal of Commendation she earned folks.

It's clear to see that Reva is a keen member of Bravo Fleet! She's a keen and active member of Task Force 47, a constant presence in our lounge and the main channel from time to time. And since returning from the Reserves she's been an incredibly active member of our community, keen to enjoy the offerings our group has and to give back when she can. For all of this, as recognition of what she brings and shares with us here in Bravo Fleet, and for what I hope she will continue to bring to our community going forward, I would like to nominate Reva Sarrik for the Legion of Merit. It's a well-deserved recognition of her activity and what she brings to our community.