Silver Palm #1

Mar 11, 2023
The Silver Palm has been awarded to Starfleet's most storied and decorated captains across history, making it entirely fitting that I award the Silver Palm to Captain Romaes Anjin (aka Kai on the Discord) for valour and extended service to our task force. Since stepping up as Task Force 17's Executive Officer, Kai has been a well of excitement and inspiration for our membership. Not only does he partake in all of Bravo Fleet’s duties and joys, Kai creates opportunities for our fellow crew to participate even more. He sets an example of a Starfleet Officer committed to his duty and invests the time to guide our members who want to see what else Bravo Fleet has to offer.

Since earning the Legion of Merit on January 14, 2023, Kai has continued his way with words. He has earned 43 Service Ribbons for writing the continued adventures of Prometheus Squadron. Kai has been an early adopter of the Squadron System and has wasted no time in plotting the USS Prometheus and USS Intrepid into their new formation. Writing over 10,000 words is the equivalent of a novella or a 40-page essay in nearly two months! He's also earned a total of 5 duty ribbons for writing jointly with other players. He's done this as the GM of the USS Venture RPG, engaging with the crew, and inviting a new player to co-write a post aboard the USS Intrepid.

Not only that, but Kai has also excelled in feats of wit and speed! Kai has participated in 11 competitions, including "LCARS - Alpha Quadrant", "LCARS - Gamma Quadrant", "Sneezing Second Contact", "Delta Quadrant Legends", "USS Sarek - The Crimes of Yuulik", and "Starship Refresher!" He placed first in the "Beam Up the Cast of Star Trek Picard" competition, winning an Action Medal with Star Cluster. He placed second in the "Help us Reconstruct the Star Map!" competition and first in the "Romulan Refresher" competition, winning two Action Medals with Planet Cluster. He placed third in the "Time to Train Those Legs!", "LCARS - Delta Quadrant" and "Sneezing Second Contact Competition" competitions, winning three Action Medals With Moon Cluster. He also placed third in the "Survival 101 - Arctic Theme" competition, winning an Action Medal with Comet Cluster!

Further to his own luck at the Dabo table, Kai has organized four competitions for others to play, such as "TF17: Family Feud", "TF17: Runabout Sudoku", "Corrupted Data File" and "Alert! Intelligence assets at risk!" Kai is a credit to Task Force 17 and I'm incredibly proud to work with him as Task Force Executive Officer and to present him with this Silver Palm! Congratulations!