Meritorious Service Cross #1

Dec 22, 2017

Recently I’d been having major doubts about my suitability as TFCO of 72. A number of issues contributed to this all known to Andrew, he however took the time to talk to me. He heard me out, every point, every gripe and issue. I didn’t feel judged, spoken down to or made to feel bad he just listened.

Andrew offered suggestions, hints and tips that he felt might help, help ease the burden and make simming / BF once again more enjoyable.

Sometimes it’s enough just to be listened to, to say my piece, to vent and not bottle it up which I am famous for doing. The award dictates that part of the criteria is to boost moral and positive group spirit.

After speaking with Andrew, I felt just that.

I am aware that this could be a fleet general award, however even the leadership needs encouragement, a boost. A boost in leadership is a reactive effect because it spreads, if people see the leadership are happy and having fun, so too does the fleet.