Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Jul 29, 2022
Captain Th'lora Vehl, aka Brian/Treylanna Hess, has shown more consistent hard work as Task Force 72’s Commanding Officer. Back on April 4th 2022, I awarded him with the Star Cross for his high level of activity and for setting the standard as one of our TFCOs. Now after a few months of more active work, I am pleased to nominate him for one of our highest awards, the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism. Without a doubt during this time frame, Brian has focused on furthering Task Force 72’s presence in our great community. A lot of this work happened before the Fleet Action and during.

Starting with competitions, Brian has entered twenty-three of them and has placed in nine of them. Before the Fleet Action, he received one Action Medal with Galaxy Cluster, one Action Medal with Star Cluster, two Action Medals with Planet Clusters and one Action Medal with Moon Cluster. Then after the Fleet Action, he received 16 Challenge Coins for the competitions he entered, where he received three Gold Stars, One Silver Star and One Bronze Star. His eagerness and rapid response to the moment a competition has been released show how much he enjoys what we offer.

Competitions are not the only activity that Brian enjoys being in, an impressive two-hundred and thirty-eight Combat Action Ribbons have come his way for various gaming nights that he has been involved with. That is a huge amount to gain in such a short amount of time!

To top of that impressive win of ribbons he has added ten service ribbons and five duty ribbons. His Service Ribbons and Duty Ribbons are reflections of his writing of the USS Horizon and his participation in our role-playing games of Starbase Bravo and his conclusion on the Endeavour NX-06. Just before the Fleet Action, he has also stepped up to the plate and took on the role of Game Manager of the USS Aquarius. Working hard to maintain the game, Brian has re-ignited its members and continues to ensure it remains an active game within Bravo Fleet.

Now, all in all, this is a great example to set for our players, especially as he is one of our Task Force Commanding Officers. However Brian does not stop by just showing others how it is done, he makes the time to speak and interact with our members especially those in his unit. His persistent involvement in discussions across our Discord channels, especially in the TF72 lounge, has made Task Force 72 a great place to be a part of. This is something he should be proud of, especially as Task Force 72 took second place in the Fleet Action. Including himself, eight members were involved in competitions and almost ten per cent of the fiction written came from Task Force 72! That said, Brian has submitted two awards for fellow 72’ers and twenty-six promotions. He is a power machine and hell of a cheerleader/cheer captain for Task Force 72!

For his high level of activity across our great community, his work in Task Force 72 and within our role-playing games, I would like to nominate Brian for the Rachel Garret Order of Heroism. Well done!