Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism #1

Jul 24, 2022
Much like Atlas of Roman myth, Brendan bears Task Force 17 aloft upon his mighty shoulders; honed by many hours of furious typing. His brain; honed too by the rapid development of plotlines, snappy dialogue and sheer rigor of writing to tight self-imposed deadlines, is a wonder to behold. He has risen to the challenge of the Sundered Wings campaign with the agility and pose of a mustang thundering across grassy plains. His sheer grit and determination in seeking out challenge coins for the glory of his Task Force would have made the eyes of Gowron himself pop.

There has been no shrugging of Executive Officerly duties from Brendan either. He has been on the forefront of efforts to promote activity and encourage members of Task Force 17 to pursue their own competitive and literary endeavours. Outside of the fleet action, too, Brendan continues to be a tremendous help with task force administration. He has handled promotion nominations, onboarding of new members, reaching out to current members and lore creation with aplomb. In fact, the high degree of personability and cooperation that Brendan displays in his every dealing with the wider Bravo Fleet community is consistently exemplary. This is exactly the kind of thing that fosters the sense of camaraderie that makes Bravo Fleet a genuinely lovely place to be!

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks and quantitatively examine the fleet action heroics that he has displayed over the last few weeks. The formidable sum total of Brendan’s contributions in the first phase of the fleet action was so evident that on June 12th he was given a battlefield promotion to the rank of commander. Of course, at this early stage in the competition, Brendan had yet to unleash his full competitive force. Since that promotion date, Brendan went on to earn 68 service ribbons, 8 duty ribbons and 45 combat action ribbons. Ribbons are what Brendan eats for breakfast, however. What really makes this paragon of activity stand out is the number of competitions participated in, 24 since his last promotion and earning a jaw dropping 33 Challenge Coins in total. From those, he bagged himself 13 Starfleet Gold Stars (outrageous!) 2 Starfleet Silver Stars, and a Starfleet Bronze Star. During this entire extravaganza, Brendan has truly cemented his position among the heavyweights of Bravo Fleet with this outstanding effort.

These numbers speak for themselves, and have certainly not escaped the attention of the Bravo Fleet Senior Staff. The latter have decided that for Brendan’s efforts, a suitable big fat and shiny medal must be awarded. Therefore, while usually outside the remit of a mere TFCO, on this occasion I’m extremely proud to nominate Brendan for the Rachel Garrett Order of Heroism. Congratulations, and phenomenally well done!
Brendan has been an absolute star since he became Task Force 17 Executive Officer in April 2022. It has been so impressive to see him step up to the mark and work extremely hard in understanding what this role entails and how he can make a difference in our community. Setting a great example is one of the many leadership qualities that Brendan has done, especially with his writing. Anyone who has read the adventures of the crew of the USS Dvorak and now the USS Sutherland knows how exciting Brendan's stories are! On top of this, his engagement with Starbase Bravo remains firm too. The fact he has been with us for less than six months and has risen to such great things is a testimony to his dedication and service to Bravo Fleet. Thanks Brendan!