Star for Distinguished Service #1

Dec 21, 2021
This fall, Tikva Theodoras, aka McGig, has excelled in his personal activity and proven himself to be a competent leader for his Task Force following the Fleet Action. Since he first joined, he has continued to demonstrate his proliferation with a writer, and since September 20th, he has earned 27 service ribbons for 6,750 words of fiction across his two commands, as well as 3 duty ribbons for posts on RPGs. As always, though, he has entered an enormous amount of competitions, a grand total of 10, and placed in all ten of them, earning Action Medals with Galaxy (5), Star (4), and Planet (1) clusters! He didn’t just enter competitions, though, as he also organized three of his own for TF17’s contributions to Operation Homestead.

McGig began his leadership of TF17 when the task force was fresh off of a win in the Fleet Action. He has done a good job of continuing to leverage that momentum into activity from members of all levels, as evidenced by the good number of promotions and awards he was able to hand out in his first few months in office. For his service to TF17 and for his outstanding personal activity, I am pleased to nominate McGig for the Star for Distinguished Service.